Well Fed Neighbor

Local Food. Local Jobs.

I know this is preaching to the choir but it was sure fun to read...maybe you will enjoy it too.



In the 20th century, our food and our money became fast.  Our farms became factories.  The erosion of our soil accelerated, as did the erosion of our sense of connection to one another and our sense of collective purpose.  Our money zoomed around the planet with ever accelerating speed, increasingly complex and abstract.  We raised children who thought that food came from supermarkets and investors who thought that investments came from computer screens.  We filled our land with chemicals, our portfolios with zeros and our heads with financial speculation. (“What will be the stock price of McDonalds on the day of the 10 billionth person?”) We ignored the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico—not the one caused by BP’s oil, but the one caused over decades by billions of tons of agricultural run-off coming down the Mississippi River.  In the 20th century, the idea of Enough became as rare as an earthworm under an ethanol plant.

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as people come to agree with you, do you see more incidents like the recent one in Arizona?

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