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My name is Jacob Luetkemeyer and I am from the Mid-Missouri area.  I had
contacted your organization over a year ago and was very excited to hear
someone working on an initiative in this area.  I am currently studying
permaculture and want to implement permaculture ideas and concepts into
my local community.  I have not had local support until now
for this type of initiative and now have people willing to help.  I am
running for state representative of my district and this has allowed me
to speak at several events in the Mid-Missouri area.  I have discussed
these types of community initiatives as a long-term solution to many of
our problems.  I believe your organization is doing an excellent job and
would like to expand it into my area.  Is there anyone in your
organization in the Mid-Missouri area?  Instead of re-inventing the
wheel I thought it would be easier to just expand your organization more
northward as my understanding your organization is more concentrated in
south central Missouri.

Jacob Luetkemeyer

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