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Fall Events for local food sales, entertainment, education and the like... what say you?

Would you all be interested in some fall events involving music, fresh food, a little education, and a lot of laughing, friendship and fun? Don't
know how to find out other than to ask. Let me know and thanks, in
advance, for the time.


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Yes! We were sorry to miss the hog roast. We will come if I don't have to work.
Sounds good to me. Jim & I will try to attend whatever you come up with. Keep us posted.
Lois Blansit
The West family would be interested in laughing and meeting new people. Maybe we could ask the local contra dancing group from Springfield to lead us in some dances, they usually have 2-3 people who play the music. The dancing is easy to do and fun for all ages....
Laughter, Food and Music my favorite things
I think that is a great plan, now that fall is approaching I have more time to be involved :)
BTW I sent you a message on FB not sure if you read mail there, but lets make some PSA I will run these on the station and during my radio shows about WFNA, we could make them fun.

We are having a fall event "Wrangler Mountain Gathering" Artisan and Craft Show on October 22 - 24 in the Reeds Spring area. Visit www.wranglermountaingathering.com for more details.

We will be having sawmill demonstrations with the millers showing how to use a mill and make your own logs and timbers to build log homes and timber frame homes, along with your own lumber. There will also be crafters demonstrating their talents and several vendors will have fresh preserved foods for sale, and possibly some fresh food from the gardens. Live music Friday and Saturday evenings, along with a cowboy church on Sunday @ 8:30 am and live music to follow that afternoon, as well.

Horseshoe competition on Saturday, chili cook-off, kds activities, zip line, raffles and more. Booths are still available if anyone is interested but going quickly. Check out the website www.wranglermountaingathering.com for more details.

Hope you can make it,

Brian and Dixie Langenwalter

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