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FDA to require testing on all supplements sold after 1994

In 1994, the FDA, which had previously monitored only pharmaceuticals, was given oversight on all supplements.   Over July 4 weekend, the FDA announced that all supplements not sold prior to 1994 would have to be tested.  Testing will require a large output of money.  For newer companies, or small companies with supplements sold post 1994, this will be a prohibitive cost. 


This will put more people on the unemployment line, remove supplements from access, perhaps require a physicians order for allowing you to take a supplement, and make the cost of available supplements much more expensive. 


There has not been a reported death due to supplements, except for a vague reference in 2009 which

did not denote a particular substance.  This will affect herb growers and could result in more extensive controls on crops. It is a move toward Codex Alimentarius, which everyone needs to know about.


I do not buy standardized products...for a good article on this,  see consult this great Jash Herbs

article.   Great info on this site.


This article explains the synergistic effects of plant substances.  Isolating and using one substance does not recognize the system or interactions of plant properties.  Plants aren't cars....you don't isolate a part and use it...you use the the whole plant to get the synergistic effect.


For more info on the FDA ruling...there are 3 months from time of announcement to do something about this....contact your congress people. ... (for what good that will do)...talk this up....go to http://www.fda.gov/Food/GuidanceComplianceRegulatoryInformation/Gui...


or  http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=9982    Many supplements will be banned.   Don't take supplements?   Maybe this affects you as a grower.


This is a dangerous move into saying what you can buy, use or grow.



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Don't know if any of you listen to Robert Scott Bell health show: 


If you don't please, please  give it a gander. It's great stuff......


Around the middle of this show: 


They talk a about state governors and legislatures nullifying the FDA! Lets get some peaceful solutions looked at people before we reach for the cartridge box. It is coming. And yes feel free to report me to homeland security for not buying the government kool-aide.

Found a good web site about nullifying the FDA:



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