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How many here have seen this movie? If you have, What do you think?

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One of theMost important Documentaries That I have seen
I like it. That is why we are showing it again at the Library Center in Springfield on 1/20 @ 6:30 PM.
Teri Leigh
Disgusting, eye opening, and life changing. A great documentary!
I'm planning on being at Teri's showing of Food Inc on Wednedsday-

I encourage those who have seen this film to come back again, bringing friends and family.
More people must understand that we have utterly lost control of our food security,
and at all levels. Arise! Awake! Stop not until the goal is reached! Restore Missouri!
I saw this movie last week at the Yellow House in West Plains. A local farmers' group had organized the evening. It is a good starting point for those who want information about how our food is produced. I especially liked seeing and hearing Joel Salatin and Michael Pollan, individuals whose writings address the topics of sustainable farming and the realities of our commercial agriculture food supply.
Yes! FOOD INC, FRESH, and THE FUTURE OF FOOD absolutely rock, they just flatline the consensus trance! Teri and Michael Baird show these films every month- tonight, in fact.

The WFNA is in contact with the stars of FRESH and FOOD INC, including John Ikerd, Joel Salatin, Dianna Endicott and Russ Kremer. Look for their voices and faces to appear here in a variety of contexts over the coming weeks and months.
I am very disappointed that I will miss the showing tonight. I will be addressing the Springfield Fibre Artists on making paper from plant fibres at the same location, at the same time. Sigh! Hopefully, I will get to meet some of you either before or after my meeting (if the speaker is not too long-winded! Ha!). I will try to stick my head in at the auditorium - I'm over in the Story Hour room... Mimi
We had a wonderful time showing "Food, Inc" at the Library and meeting some new neighbors!
Our next Movie & Social will be Wednesday, Febuary 3rd at 6:30 PM at Library Center in Springfield.
Allan has a new movie about chickens that we will be viewing!
First & third Wednesdays at Library Center in Springfield!
Food Inc. is a good starting point for those learning about what they are actually putting into their bodies.

For those wishing to dig deeper I really recommend the Rave Diet video:


There are also a lot of great books: Google Dr. Sherry Rogers, the "Eat to live" book and the "China Study" book are all great info sources.
I agree w/ all. This documentary is a good STARTing point. When I first saw it, I was disappointed that I didn't learn anything from it. But, I'm kinda out there on the learning curve. This movie is a real eye opener for many people. If they went as far into the subject as I would like for them to, there would be many glazed eyes in the crowd. I would like for them to have finished the movie by pointing out that there is so much more to the story than they could cover & encouraging everyone to use it only as a starting point.
Some other sources of info are listed in this discussion & I list them all in the sig-line of my email. It's up to those of us who know, to work on educating those who don't.... particularly those who have the power to change things. Congress is full of people who really would do the right thing, if they knew what that was (& it didn't cut into their financial support.) There are still many there who are pure of heart. We need to get those members educated, before Monsteranto gets them!!!
I'll have to explore those!

It's now up to us to do what these movies started.

My email sigline"
Documentaries you NEED to watch!!!!

Info on our health& the environment that you should know:

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