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A new book out by Janet Poppendick that speaks to issues surrounding the school lunch programs and how they got that way. It should absolutely infuriate Moms around the America that the school lunch program that was initially promoted as an opportunity to provide nutritious and healthy meals for children that otherwise couldn't afford it has now become somewhat of a dumping ground for federally subsidized GMO food products that our own taxes pay for. But we can't afford whole foods for our kids in the schools as rates of autism, food allergies and obesity rise. Want to develop a good understanding about how all this happened? A must read.

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Have you seen the new show "Jamies America?" He is going into public schools to try and change what they are feeding the kids. Check it out when you have time:

Just watched Jamie's talk at the TED conference and was extremely impressed with the information and the way that he presented it. It is posted at the bottom of his web page, the link to which you can find on Garden Goddess's page...or just Google Jamie Oliver, TED talk.

It is really worth the time to watch it.

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