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I grew up eating vegetables from my grandparents garden, and a few items were grown by my parents--tomatoes, lettuce, green onions. My husband and I have tried to grow tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers the last few years in Earth Boxes, but we've had little luck.

Now that I've learned about GMOs and buy as much organic as possible, I'm ready to plant a raised garden. BUT, where do I begin? I have a source for heirloom seeds and good soil. I know the items I want to grow. I have a book that tells me what grows well together. Now what? When do I begin, and how do I start? (Getting my husband to build the raised be in time will be my first chore. When does it need to be ready?) Are there classes I can attend?

So many questions; so little time.

Thank you,


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Jill I don't know if you are on facebook or not.  If you are you can go to the Group Springfield Organic Gardening Club.  I link to the Missouri Extension Services Garden Planner has just been posted.  There are many good Garden Planners for sale in garden supply catalogs but this one is specific to Missouri and can be downloaded for free. If    you can't get on that group site let me know and I will recomend you as a member

Thank you for the good information, Bill. 

One more question. I posted an event thinking it would appear for all Well Fed members to see, but it asked for me to choose my friends. I have only one friend. Is there a way to post  the event for everyone to see.

I went to the event section and attempted to post an event and It looked like I could post for everyone to see it.  Try it again it should work

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