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S.510 Fake Food Safety: Forcing the collapse of domestic agriculture

S.510 Fake Food Safety: Forcing the collapse of domestic agriculture

If food safety were the real issue…we would close down the USDA and FDA corporations immediately.  S.510 is not intended to, and will not do
anything other than stifle economic growth, kill off the domestic
agricultural sector and hand that sector over to corporate predators.   

S.510,  just as the CLEAR Act, Cap & Trade, and a host of other offensive pieces of legislation is nothing more than a system of fees, fines and royalties meant to generate revenue while at the same time
forcing individuals to keep records intended to be used for no other
purpose than compiling a criminal case against themselves.  These
records can be seized on the whim of the “secretary” who can at his/her
leisure, decide that they “believe” you represent a risk: no evidence

Just as the appointment of Michael Taylor, the Monsanto hired gun, to the post of “food czar” in the White House was no coincidence, neither is the pandering to Monsanto and other multi-national corporations
intent upon owning and controlling food prodution and supply in the US
in the text of S. 510. 

Both the USDA and FDA were created using the Administrative Procedures Act (APA) of 1946.  Even if this act were constitutional, the federal government is precluded from entering into agriculture as it is
not in the enumerated powers of the federal government.  Agriculture is
non-positive Code & Tile (7) and cannot be codified into law as it
is a right reserved to the states.  Creating fictional public service
agencies, which are in reality privately chartered corporations, held by
the federal government to by-pass Constitutional restraints, on the
federal government makes them no less unlawful.

Contrary to comments from various national organizations and groups, the last thing we need to see happen is the expansion of power and reach of either the USDA or, the FDA.

Both of these corporate federal agencies have a long history of harming the public while deferring to corporate contracted partners who make sure both agencies are profitable even if the public is harmed.  

On the other hand, it is no surprise to see national food organizations of all kinds jumping on the bandwagon to support this coup, hoping, I guess, that if they throw the rest of us under the bus
they might be able to secure special treatment for themselves.  The
organics producers did.

Having struck from the bill nearly every provision that would have required inspection and certification of imports from foreign countries, the US food supply will be more vulnerable than ever to contaminated
food products from countries such as China, which has imported so many
contaminated products into the country that its difficult to keep up
with what might be the latest threat.  These contaminations will of
course be ignored as they have been in the past by both FDA and USDA and
all attention will be focused on harassing and terrorizing domestic
producers in an effort to force them out of business. 

While the FDA highlighted some of the most recent outbreaks of food borne illnesses, it failed to mention that the jalapeno pepper scare was the result of peppers from Mexico which entered the country under the
self-inspection guidelines.  The contaminated milk products were from
China and contained massive amounts of melamine.  FDA’s response was to
set an allowable level of melamine contamination in our food, apparently
unaware that it is hazardous at any level.  

In almost every instance that FDA highlighted as the cause and need for more power, the source of the threat came from outside the US and was allowed to enter the food supply un-inspected.  Instead, FDA, just
as the USDA, is pulling out all the stops in its efforts to terrorize
and harass domestic producers and suppliers, and to end anything but
industrialized corporate agriculture.  After all, these corporations
keep the FDA and USDA awash in funds.

Considering the FDA’s long history of approving toxic and deadly medications for public use, I think it is safe to say the FDA cannot be, and should not be, empowered at all.  This is an agency that represents
a national threat as it will approve any deadly medication if the price
is right.  As this agency is so derelict in its duty to objectively
test pharmaceuticals and to identify potential hazards and lethal
medications and prevent them from coming into the market, why in the
world would anyone consider giving this corporation more power and
greater reach especially over any sector of food production?

The USDA, which is intent upon ending raw/fresh milk sales as it colludes with New Zealand Agri-tech to end private dairy operations in the US is the same agency that manipulates milk prices across the US to
make sure there is no profit in dairy operations unless a massive
corporation is allowed to monopolize the market. Thousands upon
thousands of dubious regulations implemented without congressional
oversight have been foisted onto the public; most of which have no other
use or purpose than to make food production so untenable that
generational farms and ranches collapse as a result.  This is the
intended result of those regulations: ending anything but corporate

The USDA, charged with inspection of imports, inspects less than 1% of containers coming into the US.  Yet it spends an estimated 70% of its taxpayer funded budget, conducting raids, doing surveillance, and
co-opting state agricultural departments and other departments, in its
efforts to seize control of the US food production and supply to benefit
multi-national corporations. 

The FDA may be the most lethal of the two agencies, both of whom perpetrate a deceptive fraud on the public, portraying themselves as “public service” agencies when in fact, they are privately chartered
corporations, operating for profit at any cost.  The idea that taxpayers
are forced to fund either of these agencies through congressional
edicts is tantamount to having to pay for your own executioner and the
blade too.

 The last thing we need to be considering is the expansion and empowering of these two agencies which are for sale to the highest corporate bidders.

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What is your point?

Unfortunately even with a lot of free time on my hands I do not not have time to read the hundreds of pages of legislation released across the country every single day - much less to read through the legalese tricks where many of these documents do not say what one thinks that they say. (As you may or may not know it is common in legislation to redefine in other controlling documents the meaning of common words so that those that read it have no idea of the true intent of the legislation.)

Have you ever tried to read Agenda 21? Personally anything written by the UN is way over my ability to comprehend and I must rely upon people that I trust that are better at reading and comprehending these purposely obtuse documents.

Ted Murphy said:

Here we go, screw the blog posts and just read it. Past pages 1-120, apparently they didn't like that area.
Yes, I've noticed that. Maybe we should force them to do some sort of "Simplification act", which would take the Tax Code back down to the booklet it should be!
My rule of thumb is that ALL bills are BS and I oppose them all on principle.
After all we were born with all rights and all the necessary laws IMHO were passed over 200 years ago.
Like laws against killing and stealing....

All the others since have done nothing more than taking away and limiting these God given / natural rights since Government does not by definition give us any rights.

You might not be amazed but I recently heard a United States Senator say that they do not read 95% of the bills. They do not know what they cost. And they do not know who wrote them except that they (95% of bills) were written by a lobbyist and given to the Senate to pass. AND THEY DO....

We need to repeal the 17th Amendment so we call recall these rascals on a moments notice.

Ted Murphy said:
Yes, I've noticed that. Maybe we should force them to do some sort of "Simplification act", which would take the Tax Code back down to the booklet it should be!

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