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Hello all!

My name is Eric Honeycutt, most people call me "Honey." I'm going to be putting raised garden beds in the backyard of my house and teaching free-of-charge classes along the way, with topics ranging from building raised beds to companion plants to building irrigation systems with pvc pipe, a garden hose, and rainwater collection barrels. Everyone who participates will get to share in what the garden produces.

I'm going to be needing material to build the beds, currently I'm thinking cinder blocks from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore and raw cedar scrap from a local sawmill, with Meek's lumber wrap for a weed barrier. Additionally, I will need seeds, preferably from local heirloom sources, piping/garden hoses for the irrigation system, fill dirt, and compost (which I'm planning on getting from J&M Mushroom farms in Quapaw, OK).

Any ideas where to obtain the above items cheaply (and upcycling as many resources as possible) will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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