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As you may know, The Well Fed Neighbor Alliance online infrastructure is going through a big over-haul. Here is a brief overview of the efforts in place and to come so you might understand how to interact with the organization.

Spaces defined thus far:
Our Community is online. wellfedneighbor.ning.com This space. A place where individual Neighbors can share thoughts, images and conversations with other members. Here we can post events that we would like the entire membership to be aware of. We can create sub-groups to carry on conversations that may be more detailed than some members need. This space is open to all who would like to join. And the content is contributed and moderated by its citizens.

Our Knowledge Base is online. It is in the form of a WIKI. It will be the storehouse of our collected wisdom. It is not open to the public, but its authors are drawn from our membership. This provides validation and verification of its content. If you are interested in being a contributing author contact Galen. Our first mission (underway) is to create the Restoration Handbook in this WIKI.

Our WFN Blog. Ruell and Galen have access to a larger blog that is designed to be the Official News space of the Alliance. They will keep us informed of the over-arching progress of the movement towards sustainability.

Coming Soon:
Our Store. A place to conduct actual commerce. Here you will be able to buy, sell and swap goods and services. The General Store of the Well Fed Neighborhood. We would like to see our members create supply and demand. This will be a space that starts simple and eventually will grow into something much more robust.

Our TV Station. Channel WFNA will one day broadcast its own content in this space. Original programming created by and designed for our members. It will stream right to your computer, and perhaps television set, and give us an alternative for news, entertainment and community voices.

Other proposed components inculde, A Recipe Engine and A portal to other counties sites. Speaking of other counties. Our intention all along has been to build this framework to be a template that our neighboring communities can duplicate and populate with their own content saving them the development time we have invested.

All of the above Component Spaces will come together in a simple aggregator. It will be a dashboard at www.wellfedneighbor.com (the main address that has been used for the blog thus far.) This will be the one stop for the long-standing members as well as new visitors. It will provide an overview to all of the activities of the WFNA with links to each of the individual spaces.

Please add your comments that will improve this plan or its pieces.

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Also, a massive thanks to Zack Bonebrake for his ubersmartness and time contribution to get these components live.
And to Eric Vaught for getting the WIKI structured, populated and supported. Also, I would like to thank Rob Bernet and Kim Grimm for donating their design talents (their work will be visible soon.) We are lucky to have talented neighbors that believe in the cause.
Thank you for letting everyone know what is to come. Wonderful job on the Social Network. Please thank all involved! Our multi-faceted presence will impact more people in ways, to-date, unimagined. This is just too cool!

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