Well Fed Neighbor

Local Food. Local Jobs.

Women!  The Well-Fed Neighbor Alliance needs your help.  Regardless of whether you are a stay-at-home Mom, or a professional, a grandmother, or in high school, if locally grown food and a sustainable local economy come to pass it will be because of you.

Women carry any culture, and American women comprise the largest economic force on the face of the earth!  Women make or influence over 95% of the purchase decisions period.

Do you know what is in the food that you feed your children, your family, yourself?  75% of the processed food you purchase at the store contains GMO wheat, corn or soy.
It is not food.  It is not healthy.

Educate yourself, and then understand that securing our local food supply is not only the right thing to to, but it's the healthy thing to do AND, it will create a sustainable local economy and.... jobs!
There is no downside!  If we are to have a thriving economy again, like the one that existed here 100 years ago when we exported MO food all the way to the east coast and tomatoes to the entire world, we need to demand local food.  Only women can do that effectively.

If we were to get our residents, our schools, our hospitals, our restaurants, purchasing safe, fresh, locally grown food, we would pump 100s of millions of dollars into our local economy.  Money that is currently flying out of our city through non-local, big box concerns.

The Well-Fed Neighbor Alliance is promoting its Grow Local! Buy Local! Eat Local! Campaign this year and we need your help!
Form a group of concerned mothers and proponents at your school and demand that the school system use local produce!  Do the same with your hospitals, restaurants and businesses you frequent.

This is not a warm and fuzzy.  This is securing our food system for our children first, and creating a healthier, happier, economically sustainable home.

Help us.

Please go to www.wellfedneighbor.com and sign up!
Angela Jenkins, a professional dietician, is heading up our "Moms For Local Food" movement.
Look for her on the Well-Fed Neighbor Site , contact her and let her know you will help!

If our home is to offer our children a peaceful, easeful, and profitable life, it will be because you, the women of our community, decided it will be so.  

Local Food = Local Jobs, and health, and happiness, and......
There is no downside.  Please help us today.
Thank you so much!
Ruell Chappell

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