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January 2013 Blog Posts (3)

January Work

This is the first year I am working at a new job and have the income to at least tread water for our household.  I do hope to have more time to work in the yard like I used to do before I went back to college.  The beauty of the Winter is the visions of grander to transform our yards into the lush utopias we desire.

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Wood Chip Gardening

Hello folks,

I got access to a downed oak tree a couple years ago and the tree company shredded it and placed it in my drive for me. I commenced to cover my entire garden area with 4-6 inches of wood chips as a weed barrier and to keep from walking in the mud after a rain. People said that it would off set the nitrogen and so on but the red wigglers began working on the white bacteria that quickly formed on the wood chips. It is like candy to them and the worms got huge and robust. As…


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2013 Gardening Plans.

Every year around this time I get the itch.  You know what I mean the need to get into the soil and plant things that will survive in different degrees of success (less now that drought is ongoing, at least where I live).  Like all tillers of the Earth, we plan.  Here are mine for the year.  I plan to baby the horseradish I planted last year and my sin cut down for me "helping".  I plan to order more chickens and raise at least 10-20 hens for selling eggs. Have you seen egg prices?  I want…


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