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Winter Butterflies Give Way to Spring - Butterfly House Opens May 15

Winter Butterflies Give Way to Spring - Butterfly House Opens May 15
Note from George: This article written by Cindy Willis was submitted February 27, it was well written and I wanted it published in the… Continue

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You Are Making It Happen!

As I write I’m getting ready to go to Branson to play with the Daredevils. I know I’ll see some of you there and I look forward to a great day! Now, yesterday, Joe Maxwell, Galen, Donna, and I met with the Springfield Public School System, two locally owned Wholesalers ( Packers Distributing and Springfield Grocers) and more producers. Everyone sees the need, is hearing the message and looking…


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arbor day 2010

Happy Arbor Day!

I planted 3 tiny apple trees this morning, they are the ones I grafted a few weeks ago in that class. I hope they make it, they look good and there is growth above the graft point ;)

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Say The Words Today!

For the last few weeks we have been meeting with producers, processors, wholesalers, restaurant owners, independent supermarkets and institutions in an attempt, under the experienced direction of Joe Maxwell and Russ Kremer, to assess the business viability of a local food, local product coop . Today those meeting continue. I can tell you that our message is resonating . Everyone…


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Wilson's Creek Meeting Friday

Wilson's Creek Farmers Market
Vendor Meeting
5:30 PM
First Baptist Church of Battlefield
FF and Weaver

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Telling a friend

I know that all of us have told many friends and family about choosing healthy food, but rarely do we get validation. I received this e-mail from a friend and neighbor.

I watched Food Inc. on PBS…

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This Blog is dedicated to strengthening communication between Farmer's Markets Organizers, Vendors, and Customers. It is hoped that locations, times and EVENTS will be contributed.

Reviews by Customers and Recaps of recent markets will be welcome. Hopefully this blog will be a running account of the interaction between area Farmer's Markets to promote exposure and inform interested individuals in the growing variety and availability of local markets and locally produced…


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Supreme Court looking at Monsanto ruling

If you read "Omnivore's Dilemma" you know about Monsanto


Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) - Supreme Court justices are questioning a lower

court's decision that has prohibited biotech giant Monsanto Co.

from selling genetically engineered alfalfa seeds, possibly paving

the way for the company to distribute the seeds for the first time

since 2007.

The case has been closely watched by…


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Thank you Sandy and the News Leader!

A big thank you to Sandy Clark for telling it like it is in the Springfield News Leader today! The Well-Fed Neighbor Alliance is extremely proud of its appeal to all. It’s easy when you realize that government has nothing for us. Politics is nothing but distraction. So, instead of arguing back and forth, left vs. right, liberal vs. conservative, let’s talk about something real!…


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We Are Almost 700 Strong!

I didn’t blog today because I’ve got a lot of docs to get done by Thursday for the WFNA, LTD 501c submission. Not fun stuff but , thanks to Connie Chadwick and Joe Maxwell, we are making real, affordable progress. Now, I just want to thank all of you Well-Fed Neighbors! Our goal of taking a social site and turning it inward instead of outward is working and growing in membership at an increasing rate daily. We are 7 members short of 700! I suspect by this time tomorrow…


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Texas County Community Garden in Houston, MO

Texas County Community Garden in Houston, MO

Gardening is a common topic in these lovely spring days. Many green thumbs are eager to…


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I Am So Grateful For....


I wanted to take this opportunity this morning to say THANK YOU and tell you how special each and every one of you are to the WFNA cause. Larry and Jackie Melton at the…


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Food Quality and Exercise Among Top Ten Reasons to Garden


Posted to the blog at www.friendsofthegarden.org April 25, 2010

Food Quality and Exercise Among Top Ten Reasons to Garden

The top two reasons people garden in southwest Missouri are to raise safe and healthy food and to get some outdoor exercise.

Master Gardeners in Greene County were…


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Report on the WFN, Branson/Hollister Branch

I had a call from Joanna Burdorf this a.m. about the meeting at the Y in Hollister yesterday. Since Joanna is not on the computer, she asked me if I would give a report of the success of that meeting.

I attended the meeting last week at the Episcopal Church where WFN established the Branson branch. Even though attendance was small, the enthusiasm was great - with Galen Chadwick giving a moving talk about the realities we are now living with, and how we can ever hope to regain…


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Native North American Food

Jerusalem Artichokes

Sun Roots or Sunchokes

(They are of the sunflower family. )…


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Moms For Local Food Happenings

Moms For Local Food- April 20th,2010

Thanks to all that showed up for the 2nd Moms For Local Food Meeting! There was much great conversation and input about what is going on locally with our food. American women need to…


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Daisy Troop Garden - A Story of Garden Vandalism & Renewal

Daisy Troop Garden - A Story of Garden Vandalism & Renewal

Posted on the blog www.friendsofthegarden.org
Daisy Troop Garden - A Story of Garden Vandalism & Renewal

Notes from Heather: I thought you would be interested in the following... I never thought a story of vandalism would have a happy ending... For those of you who do… Continue

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Here is the link to PBS.orgs video of "Food Inc." This only confirms why we should only continue down the path we are on and get everyone we know to do the same.

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Walk The Walk!!

If we are to move back to a more sustainable, more locally driven economy and food system it will be because we demanded it. I don’t have long this morning as I’m working on several documents for the 501c and the coop assessment. Ironically, the most powerful thing I can say to you doesn’t take long. Demand is the key. In every business, in every restaurant, in every hospital, in every school, Demand is the key. You must say the words……


Added by Ruell Chappell on April 23, 2010 at 10:08am — 2 Comments

What to Do?

So I have always kind of seen myself as a passionate person without the know-how of how to get my ideas to make it to the 'main stage.' Slowly but surely my confidence has risen and with organizations like this Alliance I see anything is possible and passion is overflowing everywhere. Ideas are just ideas but shared ideas become reality and that is why I have come to be a part of this community because there are possibilities and we can all create change. Takers no more, we can all be…


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