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April 2012 Blog Posts (7)

Notes from Turtle Ridge - April 2012

By Jill Henderson

This week’s article is the first in a new series I’m calling Notes from Turtle Ridge. This series is definitely more personal and less academic than my regular weekly column, but hopefully, just as informative and entertaining.

Turtle Ridge…


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Hanging Out with Spiders

Spider Hammock by Sara Firman Anyone who lives in or visits the Ozarks invariably notices that we have a lot of spiders.  They’re  in our gardens, fields, meadows, pastures and woodlands; and sometimes, they’re even in our homes.  Love them or hate them, life in the Ozarks just wouldn’t be the same without  a few wispy strands of spider silk brushing across your face on a woodland walk or the…


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Azomite Rock Dust

After reading about Azomite Rock Dust, I've been on a search for a local source.  I was pretty astonished to learn that those places where I assumed they would at least know what rock dust is, did not know, did not carry it, did not know where I could find it.  But happily, I've finally found a source and am having it delivered Friday!  I'm planting one raised bed with it, and have one already planted without it, so it will be a fun comparison.  I also have a little worm farm so can add worm…


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Pokeweed: Good Green or Toxic Weed?

B y Jill Henderson - - - Show Me Oz

Spring in the Ozarks wouldn’t be the same without gathering and preparing at least one pot of poke. At our house, this leafy perennial ranks right up there with other spring edibles such as asparagus. This week I was planning on writing an article on how to…


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Wrens, Tree Frogs and Rain Gardens

Jill Henderson --- Show Me Oz

Here in our little slice of Ozarks heaven, we are most fortunate to be granted the privilege of greeting every new day with a lyrical symphony of sound that has the ability take our breath away. Yet, there are those rare occasions when the sweet symphony becomes more like a raucous…


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FDA says fresh milk is dangerous, but chemical BPA is perfectly safe!


Mike Adams

Natural News

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The FDA, the organization that conspired with California bureaucrats to attack raw milk…


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16 HP BCS Italian tiller for sale

Did not know where to post this on the site....


Don't want to sell but have too.

If serious call me at 239-297-418(5+4)



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