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1000 Gardens Project article in the Newsleader

A Huge Thank you to Linda Leicht for writing such a wonderful article on The Kitchen Community Garden AKA "God's Garden". The garden is abundant and ready for Harvest. Please contact Aubree if you would like to volunteer and share in the Harvest. 1000gardensproject@gmail.com


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Pregnant women should beware of eating CANNED FOOD.

Follow this link and learn that many are suggesting that pregnant women not eat CANNED FOOD. Another huge surprise.... but.... it's all good for locally grown food and locall sustainable economies AS WELL as the HEALTH of our pregnant mothers and children to come! Thanks to Diane for forwarding this info to me. You Rock! Yet another important justifiation for LOCAL FOOD!…


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You Are Making it happen!

The Well-Fed Neighbor Alliance Picnic, recently scheduled for May, has be rescheduled and the date is June 19th from noon until 8pm at the Gateway Farm on KK just north of town. Details available at www.wellfedneighbor.com…


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Community Garden Planting Party Saturday 10:00

Planting Party tomorrow 10:00 at The Kitchen Community Garden. Meet me at the 1000 Gardens Booth at the C-Street Market and we will walk 1
block South on Jefferson to the garden. We are planting tomatoes,
peppers, cucumbers, melons, and squash. Hope to see you there!
and.... we'll be happy to share the harvest ;-)

Green Blessings,

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Use Heirloom Seeds for your Garden

Hello! I'm a brand new member to the group. My wife and I have gardened for the last 8 years, traditionally using Hybrid seeds. We can/freeze etc our surpluses to use throughout the year. This year have begun using "Heirloom Seeds" for our Garden so we can "put back" some of the seeds for our Garden next year, without having to depend on the Hybrid seed bank that so many people use/depend on. These genetically designed/altered seeds will not reproduce on their own, so you must keep buying them… Continue

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Moblie Bioshelter

I was reading an article today in Maxim Yield magazine about a mobile boishelter. It's a double decker bus that has been converted into a hydrponic and aquaponic system. That will grow veggies and herbs year round with the help of solar and wind energy. Not sure of the details of it's fuel consumption or type. They have a requested us to come to you city and teach about us form on the website hydropnics4life.com.

I am asking that more people requested the bioshelter to come to springfield… Continue

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A New Deal For Local Economics Article

I do not know if all of you have read this article that is on the yes magazine website, but it is a pretty good one.



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The Gateway Farm has pigs coming!!!

Big news! Now, not only am I a chicken guy and a vegetable guy. I’m going to be a pig guy as well! That’s right. Joe Maxwell and Russ Kremer have made me the recipient of 15 pigs that the Melton’s Gateway Farm will raise for commerce. In addition to being a specialized crop themselves, they will till the soil and fertilize it as we move their pen over the 15 acres. Galen is giddy.

On a day when the stock market continues to…


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Toward an Associative Economy in the Sustainable Food and Farming Movement by Robert Karp

Preface—Are We a Movement?

In this essay I use the term Sustainable Food and Farming Movement to refer to the diverse

efforts of individuals, businesses, agencies, associations, cooperatives and non-profit

organizations involved in the domain of local, natural, sustainable, organic and fair trade food

production, distribution, consumption, advocacy, education, research and economic

development. I recognize that from an academic standpoint this collection of activities… Continue

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Told Ya! Here it comes a new Nanotechnology spray for your food...

Gonna blog about this in a few. I mentioned this technology the other day. Just in time for a tie between pesticides sprayed on fruit and vegetables being tied to ADHD comes the latest in the efficient, money saving, UNTESTED sprays on our food.

Nanotechnology is used to create a spray that , supposedly, gives products longer shelf life. Has it been tested, like drugs, for human compatibility? No,…


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Fruit Trees- Help!

Hi there! I am looking for some advice on my fruit tree's . They are loaded with fruit this year and I want to be able to collect the abundant harvest at the end of the season.

I know nothing about fruit trees! Anyone out there willing to help? I would be happy to pay for your help with cash (no offense met) or part of the harvest.

I have pear, apple, plum, peach and cherry…


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Pesticides and ADD

this On NBC this morning. It was all over the air. Local Food, Local Jobs, Local Health. Why wouldn't we want to do this. It brings security, it brings economy of scale and jobs, it brings health for our children.


<div><iframe height="339" width="425" src="http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/22425001/vp/37187283#37187283" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe><p…


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Today, Dairy Farmers in Mnt. Grove!!

When we have the picnic in June, we will explain the business model that , eventually, will make up the Cooperative. It includes value chains (producer to merchant) and PODS…. Small “coop” like entities that specialize in something like milk, beef, pork, or produce. Today, we go to Mountain Grove to meet with a Dairy Pod. One of the dairies included is the Ozark Mountain Creamery. If you haven’t already, their milk is in the Harter House across from Sam’s. They have…


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Tai Chi classes

Tai chi classes taught by Elizabeth Anderson,this Tuesday evening downtown Springfield and Wednesday evening at the Chesterfield Family Center Both start at 5.30 P.M.,10 dollars an Hr. Call Elizabeth at 581-4796

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It's Either OUR Way or the SAME WAY...

Every Sunday I watch the political shows to see if I might glean some inkling that ANYthing is changing. Nope. Under this admin., Democrats accused Republicans of

Blocking good ideas. Republicans did the same of democrats under Bush. Same old arguments, same old finger pointing, same old distraction. Behind the scenes, big oil, big farma, and big pharma still run the show.

Does big oil want us to produce high grade efficient ethanol…


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The Rib Restaurant wants your localy grown veggies

Hi all, My name is Caleb Stiles. I the GM and Chef of The Rib Restaurant in Cassville Mo. I am looking for local veggie growers to feature in my meals. If anyone is interested in this give me a call at 417-847-3600. I am also interested in starting a farmers market on my parking lot. If anyone know what it takes to make something like that happen let me know.

I believe that we need our food to be ours again. It's simple! Grow it! Sale it! and Grow It… Continue

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Check out this link for growing vegetables in containers!

got an email from better homes and gardens and found some really cool ideas for growing vegetables in containers. Check out the 20 slides they have!http://www.bhg.com/gardening/vegetable/vegetables/grow-vegetables-in-containers/?sssdmh=dm17.446989&esrc=nwgn&email=2555633699

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Well after attending the meeting "info gathering session" at CU the other evening, Annalee, my daughter has received a letter telling her she has 10 days to get rid of her (my) chickens. Coincidence? Well, we all left our names, addresses and phone numbers in good faith. Hmmmmmmmmmm. We wlll see what tomorrow brings. If anyone else with chickens in the city got the same letter after the meeting. I LOVE to know.

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