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May 2011 Blog Posts (34)

Jump For Joplin Campaign Saturday June 4th – Amberg Entertainment

I am sure that you are aware of the devastation that the tornado caused in Joplin last Sunday. Over the last week, our team at Amberg Entertainment has been working on ways to help with the relief effort.

What we have come up with is the Jump for Joplin campaign.  The following is a description of this effort:

Jump for Joplin is an organized effort to…


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Community Foundation of the Ozarks Opens Joplin Recovery Fund with $10,000 Contribution

The Community Foundation of the Ozarks, with its Joplin-Carthage area affiliate, today established the Joplin Recovery Fund for donors interested in supporting mid- and long-term community redevelopment efforts to rebuild the devastated city.

The CFO will seed the fund with a $10,000 contribution on behalf of its affiliate, the Community Foundation of Southwest Missouri, Inc., which covers Barton, Jasper, McDonald and Newton…


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USDA fines family up to four million dollars for selling bunny rabbits

Friday, May 20, 2011 by: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) When the Dollarhite family of Nixa, Mo., first started raising and selling bunnies as part of a lesson to teach their teenage son about responsibility and hard work, they had no idea they would eventually meet the heavy hand of the US Department of… Continue

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TIME BANKS Local Labor Exchange Is In 22 Countries and Six Continents ...

Like Ozark Hours, and Ithica Hours, for every hour you spend doing something for someone in your community, you earn one Time Dollar. Then you have a Time Dollar to spend on having someone do something for you. It's that simple. Yet it also has profound effects. Time Banks change neighborhoods and whole communities. Time Banking is a social change movement in 22 countries and six continents. For the US…


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Signing petitions is stopping the farm photo criminalization state laws.

This month we let you know that legislators in three states — influenced by Big Agriculture — were trying to criminalize taking photos or videos of farm facilities.

Nearly 33,000 people signed our petition to stand up for transparency and the right to take pictures of farms. Over 400 people — many of them farmers — took it one step further and uploaded pictures of farms to our…


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Sustainable Agriculture Supports Local Economies

Dear Sustainable Food Supportors, ,

Sustainable agriculture farmers are innovators whose practices and products benefit the environment and build strong communities. With…

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Thousands have signed this petition to stop the federal government from funding groups,such as  The Alliance for Food and Farming (AFF), a California-based pro-pesticide, big agriculture group, that pushes pesticide sprayed and big ag foods instead of locally raised foods that are…


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Canning Classes on June 6 Kick-Off MU Extension’s Food Preservation Classes at Botanical Center

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — University of Missouri Extension kicks off a series of five popular hands-on food preservation classes starting on June 6.

The entire series of food preservation classes includes sessions on low-acid pressure canning, jams and jellies, pickles, salsa and freezing and drying foods, all priced at $15 per person, per class.

To accommodate as many people as possible, each class topic will be offered twice on the same day with sessions…


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This video explains how HAARP works and gives a good history of Russian, US, etc. weather control and modification programs.  If we have this technology, why was it not used to control the recent and current excess rains?  Or was it used to cause rains?


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 A Nixa, Missouri family has been ordered to pay fines in excess of $90,000 by Monday, May 23, 2011 or face fines up to four million dollars.   So, factory farms are ok but the backyard bunny business is out...unless you pay tribute to the government. 



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Travel to Vermont



I recently traveled to Vermont to attend the American Milking Devon Association board meeting. We raise this rare heritage breed here at Greene Acres and…


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Geoengineering: Blood Tests Reveal High Levels of Barium, Aluminum Strontium

Chemtrail awareness is increasing since the video "What In The World Are They Spraying?"   Citizens are having blood tests taken.   In AZ, many children are developing leukemia and folks discovered they had extremely high levels of the chemicals being sprayed in chemtrails. …


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Watermelons explode in China as farmers apply too many growth chemicals to their crops

(NaturalNews) Beyond melamine in the powdered milk and plastic in the rice, Chinese farmers have managed to achieve a little more food history with a new chemical monstrosity: Exploding watermelons.

This was accomplished by applying a chemical growth promoter to the melons. A day later, one farmer saw 180 watermelons explode. Other farmers lost up to two-thirds… Continue

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Phelps County Master Gardeners (Rolla, MO) Tenth Annual Garden Tour & Plant Sale

From: Bird, Mary J. (Master Gardener)


On Sunday, May 22, don’t miss a once a year opportunity to visit five beautiful private gardens during the Master Gardeners’ Annual Garden Tour.  Whether you want to enjoy the beauty of these inspiring gardens or get ideas for your own garden, you won’t want to miss the tour.  Would you like to turn your front yard into a peaceful oasis with a rippling waterfall surrounded by gently rolling beds of perennials?  One of the featured gardens…


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The Milk Police


On April 20th, after a year-long undercover sting operation, armed federal agents acting on behalf of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) raided the business of Pennsylvanian Amish farmer Dan Allgyer to prevent him from selling his unpasteurized milk to willing, fully-informed customers in Maryland. Federal agents wasted a whole year and who knows how…


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The Well Fed Neighbor Cooperative "All Local All The Time " Store will be at 1925-B E. Bennett!

The Well Fed Neighbor Cooperative "All Local All The Time" Store will be at 1925-B East Bennett (The Old Go Convenience Location) in just in front of Markley Hardware. We will start working to get the store ready immediately. Thank you for you kind support and patience. I want to offer you natural, nutritious Locally Produced food products that haven't been in the market in decades. You are going to love this!…

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Organic Farmers Sue Monsanto, Bio-dynamic Farming and more...

For those of you that like to keep up on what's currently happening in the world of Organics here are some very important links!


Organic Farmers and Seed Sellers Sue Monsanto.



Fantastic Links for those interested in Bio-dynamic Farming and Anthroposophy.…


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Feed Missouri First Coalition

Several People are getting together to attend the first meeting of a new activist umbrella round table called the Feed Missouri First Coalition.


This is not another organization but an informal, highly flexible vanguard of "walk-the-talk" friends dedicated to helping where and when they can with tangible, fast action, selfless service and dedicated to restoring our food security.


The first goal of each meeting: to agree upon at least one…


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Get Prepared Expo

For all of you that weren't able to attend this expo, you missed an invaluable opportunity for information and products we're all going to benefit from. BUT, the great news is there's going to be another expo, projected dates Oct. 1 & 2, so  please try to attend. I gained some very useful information from the seminars I attended and my daughter, Lorraine, attended some that were in overlapping time frames (happened a lot) so we doubled up on our info gleaning.


The seminar…


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Friends of the Garden Calendar of Events Newsletter

Would you like to be reminded of upcoming garden related events? The Friends of the Garden Calendar is the most comprehensive source for educational programs, plant sales, flower shows, field trips, festivals and events in the area. Don’t miss another important date! Sign up for the free Friends of the Garden Calendar event newsletter here

(Actual link:…


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