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June 2012 Blog Posts (8)

Gardening With Wildlife: Natural Deterrents

2012 Copyright Jill Henderson

By Jill Henderson – - Show Me Oz

We humans are not alone in our affection for the garden.  Whether we like it or not, there are many creatures that enjoy our bounty as…


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Flying Flowers: The Beauty of Butterflies

Butterfly on coreopsis. Copyright Jill Henderson - Show Me Oz By Jill Henderson – Show Me Oz

Butterflies must be one of the most beloved creatures of all time. They exist almost…


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You want local? How about local money?

The heck with  Federal Reserve Notes. We know who prints them, and the

game they are up to with the soon to come global currency.  What about an

"Ozark Dollar"?  Don't think I am serious?  READ ON.....


Since 1991 the Ithaca Hour has  successfully been used as a currency in Ithaca NY.




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Seed Saving Time: Peppers

Ripe bell peppers. By Jill Henderson – Editor, Show Me Oz

If you started your hot and sweet peppers inside this spring, you are probably beginning to see flowers and young fruit. In our garden, the Cayenne peppers were the first to fruit, exceeding the flowering time of the Ozark Giants,…


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Gorilla Gardener

Not sure what the definition of Gorilla Gardener is but I view it as a person or group of people to go into an area and put in a garden and leave with little or no people knowing about it. Lol. Sound a bit ridiculous?

Well, in preparation for hard times, there are some good plants that are considered survival foods that take little or no tending to. To name a few: Perslane, Sun Chokes, lambs quarter, cherry tomatoes, onions, garlic, dandelion,Chicory, plantain, clover, sorrel, and…


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Branding Your Livestock

Complements of David Burton, If your not on his friends list or email list, I recommend it, as he puts out some really good information and updates. This is one of them with contact info included for the people that can help you. Thanks David for this good article.

June 7, 2012



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Milk persecution in Christian County -- please attend the rally!

Last Thursday while delivering milk to our usual drop-off site, my husband was confronted with a public health official from the Christian County Health Department attempting to serve him with papers telling him that the Health Dept will not allow him to bring milk into the County unless he delivers it to each individual person's home. What is the difference between delivering to a person's home, or having people come to one convenient location? The result is the same. The people who are…


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Fenugreek: The Forgotten Herb

By Jill Henderson - - Show Me Oz - -

Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) is an ancient herb from the Legume family of plants, Fabaceae.  It is sometimes called Foenugreek, bird’s foot, Greek hayseed or goat’s horn.  Not…


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