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August 2011 Blog Posts (16)

Truth-in-Labeling Petition We deserve to know it's GMO or CAFO


Rachel and I have decided to circulate this petition and hope that others will join us.   The Well Fed Neighbor folks need to join with other organizations working for a common goal.


Truth-in-Labeling Petition…


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The Sound of Nature

barrred-owl By Jill Henderson

This morning I woke at 4:00 am. The crescent moon was high in the eastern sky casting it’s milky light all about the open places on the edge of the forest. In the shadows the cicadas and crickets hummed softly as they wound down the night’s exuberance.

I stood at the open window, basking in the slightly cool breeze coming down the…


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The Natural Nutritionist eNewsletter by Mary Beth Augustine, RD, CDN

The Natural Nutritionist eNewsletter by Mary Beth Augustine, RD, CDN 

The newsletter is free, you can sign up here: http://www.thenaturalnutritionist.com/…


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Follow Tips to Make Pickle Packing a Success

Home-canned pickles are a summer favorite for many families according to Tammy Roberts, nutrition and health education specialist, University of Missouri Extension.

“There is often great anticipation in opening the first jar of the first batch of home-made pickles and nothing more disappointing than having them not taste exactly as you had planned,” said Roberts.

Getting the recipe just right can be a real challenge, especially for first time pickle…


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Locavorism vs Globavorism

I like it when I come across articles that match the Well Fed Neighbor mission.  This is an interesting graphic:



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Keeping Herbs Fresh

By Jill Henderson

Fresh herbs are wonderful to have around the kitchen, but you can’t always use them all at once. In cases like this, it is easy to preserve their fresh-picked flavor either by keeping them in the refrigerator or by freezing them immediately. Herbs that are going to be used in the near term can be kept in the refrigerator for…


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The Haskell's Eat Local

Today is day three of eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Sounds odd when put that way, what I mean is today is day three of eating 100% or only fresh fruits and vegetables. My husband and I are doing a combined, juice, blend, raw and cook all our 100% plant based meals for the next 15 days. The purpose is to reboot our bodies. After that period we will add nuts, legumes and other natural ingredients to our diet. We are leaning…


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Master Gardener Training Classes Offered in Hickory & Dallas Counties- last day to register Aug 12

University of Missouri Extension will offer Master Gardener training classes this fall in Hickory and Dallas counties but the last day to register is this Friday August 12th.

This Master Gardener training will begin with orientation on Aug. 26 followed by 10 different, three-hour classes on specified Tuesday or Thursday afternoons from Aug. 30 to Nov. 23.

“These classes will cover a variety of gardening topics such as vegetable and fruit production,…


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Friends of the Garden is represented by Peter Longley at the Tour of Tables Tea


The annual Tour of Tables Tea will be presented by Ever Green Garden Club on Saturday, August 13 from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm at First Unitarian Universalist Church, 2434 E. Battlefield Road, Springfield.  Enjoy a delicious assortment of finely baked tea cakes and savories while touring the lovely display of some fifteen tables creatively designed by members of several Federated Garden Clubs in Springfield as well as other local organizations including Rose…


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Thanks, Ruell.

I posted this on facebook but wanted to say thanks here too.
Ruell, thanks for your hard work in making the local food dream a reality. I stopped by last week and have enjoyed the best tomatoes I've had in a very long time. You just can't find juicy sweet yellow tomatoes anywhere.

I came in this morning for bread, peaches and tomatoes. I want to express my sincere thanks to Suzan Baxter for the…

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Springfield-Greene County Park System, Volunteers Help Make it One of the Best!

Springfield-Greene County Park System, Volunteers Help Make it One of the Best!
By George Deatz
Use your parks, enjoy your parks, support your parks! We are blessed with having one of the finest public parks systems in the country. The Springfield-Greene County Parks Department in partnership with Greene County taxpayers, over 3000…

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8 Reasons Young Americans Don't Fight Back: How the US Crushed Youth Resistance

This is a question that I fight with every day.  This article gives some insight into possible reasons.




The ruling elite has…

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Rawesome Raided Again!


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Fresh Local Food


Fresh Local Food


Local food is best by far

It doesn’t travel so long by car


Provisions arrive fresh each day

A lower carbon tax we pay


Delicious food from farm to table

Community, economy is much more…


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Ladybug, Ladybug...

Image by Reytan, Wikimedia Commons

Everyone knows what a ladybug is. That bright, domed beetle-like creature covered in spots and dots is prized by gardeners, cherished by children, despised by some homeowners, and even emulated in the design for the infamous VW Bug.

But what exactly are ladybugs and how does one entice them into the garden or drive them from the woodwork…


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