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MO Director of Agriculture Hagler: Springfield is “the Hot-Bed of Garden Activity” for the State of Missouri and this Region

Agri Director Praises Springfield’s Well Fed Neighbor Alliance for Inspirational Vision

Springfield, MO - It seemed odd to see almost no notice on the part of Springfield’s local news media when our State Director of Agriculture, Dr. John Hagler, showed up to honor both local citizens and non-profit success in their own city. However, that pretty much sums up what happened when Dr. Hagler honored Springfield and members of Well Fed Neighbor Alliance…


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The Sacred Act Of Eating

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Deepa S. IyerResearcher, Innovations for Successful Societies

Posted: January 14, 2011 07:14 PM

The Sacred Act of Eating: A Hindu Foodie's Daily Ritual

In my great grandmother's house in Thanjavur, a small town in Tamil Nadu, every meal represented an elaborate ritual. Each night, she washed a fresh set of clothes for the next morning (always a colorful nine yards sari and its blouse) and hung them atop the highest… Continue

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Chicken Meeting Tonight, 6:30, Old City Hall, 3rd Floor!!!


Round 2! Tonight Planning and Zoning will take up the dreaded chicken question at the Old City Hall on Chestnut at 6:30 on the 3rd floor.

As you know, because of our presence and determination, the ordinance was allowed to be formalized ( last meeting ) and will, this evening, go before the zoning and planning board.

I will NOT be able to be there as i have to play piano. I know, silly isn't it. However, as it is the way i make a…

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A Meeting with a LOCAL Business Man...

I wanted to tell you of yet another meeting with a local businessman that gets it. Lynn Morris, owner of Family Pharmacies, with 20+ stores throughout our food-shed and growing, was kind enough to sit with myself and a couple of other Well-Fed types and discuss our plan of re-localizing our food supply, creating a sustainable, vibrant local economy and improving health for our community and,…


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I’m turning the TV off. Nothing new on the Sunday morning shows. Do I mean new in the last year? Two years? Nope. I mean new since Nixon…. Possibly even before. Since then we have been globalizing. With every step in that direction, furthered by every consecutive administration, we have diminished our local economies ( and in turn the US economy) , we have diminished our health and…


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Some important Chicken dates

The message to follow was sent to me and many others regarding the Question of chickens in the city limits. As you know a lot of Missouri cities have changed ordinances to allow for urban chickens. Springfield… not so much.

We have a lot of people, as…


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The Short List Of What We All Can DO...

We call can:

Demand local food in our local groceries, yourschools, your hospitals and your locally owned restaurants…


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Today, Right Now, our logistics expert is in the field surveying Southwest Missouri, our food-shed

Today, I’m really proud to say, our team is in the field all over southwest Missouri, meeting with our identified producer PODS (producer operated delivery systems), with our procurement expert, arranging for logistics in our initial pilot projects for this year, and a much more substantial presence in the market in the growing season to come. Nothing about this is fluff. It is hard work and,…


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One of the things I’ve learned to do in my industry is observe. Information, advertisements, sound bites…. Nothing happens without a reason. Even if there is a mishap…. A freak happenstance…. If you hear about it, there is a reason. Be it entertainment, image management, brand management and support, slow news day, feeding a trend, there is ALWAYS a reason.

I’m in the midst of trying to get a lot…


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A response to a Question from our KGBX interview with Woodie and Janet

Below, find a question posed to Woodie from a recent interview Galen and I did on KGBX. Time was short and I ramble. I thought I’d post to let all know that we are NOT trying to solve the world’s problems with our local food, local jobs initiative. We are trying to solve OUR HOME’s problems. The US used to be strong because its food, its production and its attention was…


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The WFNA is all about the TRUTH IN FOOD

This morning, I want to talk to you about something very basic but very powerful. I have come to believe that a large majority of health maladies are directly relatable to food…. more than I ever would have suspected two short years ago. I have seen my very close friends go to “raw” diets, where they eat only fresh, uncooked food out of their garden. It wouldn’t be for me, but I have seen them…


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Yep , This is how THEY do it. In China!


Yep, this is how THEY do it.

I thought that this was a very interesting article. 24,000 + ? This model is, no doubt, doing great things for the China’s economy. But what about ours?…


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This morning's interview and such...


Let me apologize for keying everyone up about the Woodie and Janet interview this morning. It was NOT live. We thought that It was to be, but actually, it will air as a Public Service segment they do. I WILL let you know when it…


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Just plain folk

I love the individuals in our alliance.

Almost to a man ( woman ) we are different, in our life experience, our beliefs, our religions, our political persuasions, and yet........ here we are. Although I'm still trying to figure out who THEY are, THEY said it couldn't be done. Why then are we doing it? Because there is something bigger, higher minded, more important, critically basic to our lives, and the sustainable lives of our children, than our own personal beliefs. There is…


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GMO defeat and New Rulings on Beef..... read below, it's a good day for local food.

Thanks to Donna (WFNA) and Mike from Colorado Springs, we have two great things to report.... Read both!

They are due, in no small part, to the emphais on and demand of local food! If you want to KNOW YOUR FOOD, it must be local. If…


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Thoughtful Demand must replace Contrived Demand

First, let me thank all for the coming to the WFNA picnic! It was a wonderful day ( even with the storm) and a lot was accomplished. I’ve heard from many of you how enjoyed the day, Russ Kremer’s speech, etc. It was truly a great day that gave birth to the “Gateway Farm” as a destination for conversation, education, entertainment and, in general, promotion of our

“Local Food, Local Jobs”…


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Maybe We Were Meant To Feed Our Own? See... this is the only way sustainability works.

Now there's a novel idea! This from the New York Times. If nothing else, read the little intro quote. This is EXACTLY what the WFNA says every day! Grow our food locally. Create food security. Create a sustainable local economy with jobs. Pretty simple really. We are doing it! Thanks to all that attended the picnic! It could not have been better! I will be posting pix and vids soon!…


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This Is How We Do It!

This morning there is a lot happening so I don’t have a lot of time…. There is so much to tell!

Yesterday we (Joe, myself and Russ) met with Sec. of Ag Vilsack in St. Louis. We were expressing some dismay over some regulations that the FDA was proposing and finding the…


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Director Of Agriculture Tom Vilsack Tomorrow

Tomorrow I go with Joe Maxwell and Russ Kremer to speak with Director of Agriculture Tom Vilsack in St. Louis. We have become aware of new USDA rules that seem to us to prohibit farming with a horse….. yep…. That’s what I said… farming with a horse. Wonder where that suggestion came from? Well let’s see….. We are trying to put a local food system back online here and the only…


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