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The Well Fed Neighbor Cooperative "All Local All The Time " Store will be at 1925-B E. Bennett!

The Well Fed Neighbor Cooperative "All Local All The Time" Store will be at 1925-B East Bennett (The Old Go Convenience Location) in just in front of Markley Hardware. We will start working to get the store ready immediately. Thank you for you kind support and patience. I want to offer you natural, nutritious Locally Produced food products that haven't been in the market in decades. You are going to love this!…

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Missouri adopts the Springfield Name to issue the "10,000 Gardens Challenge"

The Well Fed Neighbor Alliance, LTD, and in particular Galen Chadwick and Aubree Taylor, are honored that the State of Missouri has named it's Garden Challenge the "10,000 Gardens Challenge" following the incredible success of the 1000 Gardens Project in Springfield.  Way to go Galen and Aubree!  Read below and become involved.  Missouri first!


AgriMissouri is challenging Missourians to start growing! Our goal is to register 10,000 gardens from around the Show Me State, on…


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A Couple of Questions I've gotten....

Yesterday I was asked why i don't speak much about farmers markets. I don't because they exist. Farmers Markets, Community Sponsored Agriculture (CSAs), and other models are already on the ground here and growing in number and sales yearly. I love to go to FMs personally.

However, Missouri can only produce about 5% of the food necessary to support its population. Add that to the facts that,…


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The Cavalry is NOT coming...

If you have decided that our future, as a global partner, is not bright, do something about it. Don't rail at the government and your elected officials. That is nothing but distraction. Only WE can change our life on the ground in our home. Only a vibrant, sustainable economic engine will do what legislation has failed to do for the last 60 years. How do we do that? We grow local. We buy local. We eat Local. Locally grown/raised food is our…


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I See Children

I enjoy every day now. Rich, poor, sick, healthy, runners, watchers, geeks, techno peasants, black, white, yellow, brown, red, martian, we all eat and food IS the common thread. Not only is the pursuit of Local food an "all good" cause with regards to food security, local economy, jobs, health and the ultimate sustainability of our children and their children to come, but it is the topic that draws us together. I see it in every meeting. As i look…


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My Response To Senator McCaskill's letter regarding S510 ( her letter below my response )

Please take the time to read this to the Senator:  Thank you in advance.


Although I'm happy to hear that small producers participating in farmers markets, road side stands, backyard gardens and community gardens will be exempt, not one of these sources of food have the scale, thus the ability, to offer local food security to our communities, give birth to a vibrant, sustainable local economy with jobs or improve the health of our community.  In order to… Continue

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Looking Forward To A Happier, More Prosperous New Year!

I want to wish all my friends a most prosperous and happy New Year! Actually, i want to do more than wish.  I want to help make it happen and I'd like to ask your

help in doing so as well.  In the New Year we will start the trek back

to local food security, a sustainable local economy with jobs and better

health. We will learn that truth is local... where you can see it...

and that America can only be made strong again one…


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I need a procurement officer / logistician type

If any of you know of an ex-retired-military type with experience in procurement, I'd like to meet them. I'm needing an honest, "get along-make it happen" person with a "local food,local jobs" vision, a

living income and the will to grow with a new model.

On another note, I'd like the WFNA,LTD to create some "returning vet/vet" opportunities. This can be done and i think it would help a lot of men

and women and, become part of our template for restoration…


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Neighbor Implies a Relationship, Not a Geographic Location.

Last night something fairly strange happened. A person very close ( a chicken keeper by the way…. Already compliant with the city’s proposed ordinance change) called me to let me know that they had been talked to pretty harshly by a neighbor……. with regards to the chickens, they assume. They don’t really know as the confrontation consisted of a lot of ranting and name calling and then a stomp…


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Remember we talked about what words mean.... ORGANIC IN CHINA.... yeh, right.

U.S. Drops Inspector of Food in China

By …

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It's Either OUR Way or the SAME WAY...

Every Sunday I watch the political shows to see if I might glean some inkling that ANYthing is changing. Nope. Under this admin., Democrats accused Republicans of

Blocking good ideas. Republicans did the same of democrats under Bush. Same old arguments, same old finger pointing, same old distraction. Behind the scenes, big oil, big farma, and big pharma still run the show.

Does big oil want us to produce high grade efficient ethanol…


Added by Ruell Chappell on May 16, 2010 at 12:44pm — 4 Comments

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