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Heads Up! Woodie and Janet in the morning at just after 9 a.m. I think.

I’ve been kindly asked to the home of Woodie and Janet, KGBX, 105.9, at 9 bells tomorrow morning to talk about the Well-Fed Neighbor Alliance. Please find their link below.



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Just plain folk

I love the individuals in our alliance.

Almost to a man ( woman ) we are different, in our life experience, our beliefs, our religions, our political persuasions, and yet........ here we are. Although I'm still trying to figure out who THEY are, THEY said it couldn't be done. Why then are we doing it? Because there is something bigger, higher minded, more important, critically basic to our lives, and the sustainable lives of our children, than our own personal beliefs. There is…


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GMO defeat and New Rulings on Beef..... read below, it's a good day for local food.

Thanks to Donna (WFNA) and Mike from Colorado Springs, we have two great things to report.... Read both!

They are due, in no small part, to the emphais on and demand of local food! If you want to KNOW YOUR FOOD, it must be local. If…


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Thoughtful Demand must replace Contrived Demand

First, let me thank all for the coming to the WFNA picnic! It was a wonderful day ( even with the storm) and a lot was accomplished. I’ve heard from many of you how enjoyed the day, Russ Kremer’s speech, etc. It was truly a great day that gave birth to the “Gateway Farm” as a destination for conversation, education, entertainment and, in general, promotion of our

“Local Food, Local Jobs”…


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Remember we talked about what words mean.... ORGANIC IN CHINA.... yeh, right.

U.S. Drops Inspector of Food in China

By …

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This Is How We Do It!

This morning there is a lot happening so I don’t have a lot of time…. There is so much to tell!

Yesterday we (Joe, myself and Russ) met with Sec. of Ag Vilsack in St. Louis. We were expressing some dismay over some regulations that the FDA was proposing and finding the…


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Director Of Agriculture Tom Vilsack Tomorrow

Tomorrow I go with Joe Maxwell and Russ Kremer to speak with Director of Agriculture Tom Vilsack in St. Louis. We have become aware of new USDA rules that seem to us to prohibit farming with a horse….. yep…. That’s what I said… farming with a horse. Wonder where that suggestion came from? Well let’s see….. We are trying to put a local food system back online here and the only…


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Today Donna Kennedy Spangler, Galen, myself and Russ Kremer are off to meet with food shed producers, west of Springfield, to the Kansas border. We are meeting with the Amish in most instances. They are hard working self sustaining people and will be at the forefront of our move to re-establish locally…


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Told Ya! Here it comes a new Nanotechnology spray for your food...

Gonna blog about this in a few. I mentioned this technology the other day. Just in time for a tie between pesticides sprayed on fruit and vegetables being tied to ADHD comes the latest in the efficient, money saving, UNTESTED sprays on our food.

Nanotechnology is used to create a spray that , supposedly, gives products longer shelf life. Has it been tested, like drugs, for human compatibility? No,…


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Today, Dairy Farmers in Mnt. Grove!!

When we have the picnic in June, we will explain the business model that , eventually, will make up the Cooperative. It includes value chains (producer to merchant) and PODS…. Small “coop” like entities that specialize in something like milk, beef, pork, or produce. Today, we go to Mountain Grove to meet with a Dairy Pod. One of the dairies included is the Ozark Mountain Creamery. If you haven’t already, their milk is in the Harter House across from Sam’s. They have…


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It's Either OUR Way or the SAME WAY...

Every Sunday I watch the political shows to see if I might glean some inkling that ANYthing is changing. Nope. Under this admin., Democrats accused Republicans of

Blocking good ideas. Republicans did the same of democrats under Bush. Same old arguments, same old finger pointing, same old distraction. Behind the scenes, big oil, big farma, and big pharma still run the show.

Does big oil want us to produce high grade efficient ethanol…


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Head Up. Eyes Up. Chin Up.

I always try to write about what is on my mind and/or what I perceive is on the minds of those I run across. Today it is money. I sat down at Panera this morning to say hi to couple of friends and my friends and, absolutely everyone around me, were talking about money….. the shortage of it.

Regardless of where you are, employed or not, in a home or out, flush or in debt, times are hard.

Economies continue to contract…


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The Topic We Can All Agree On.... FOOD.

Let me show just how wide-reaching the “local food” buy-in is:

When I speak to environmentalists I talk of how our food was part of a sustainable ecosystem that we have long…


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A Couple Of Really Exciting Things!

I haven’t got but a minute but I wanted to tell you about a couple of exciting things. Soon, even in advance of the feasibility assessment for a Well-Fed Neighbor Farmers’ Coop, we may very well have product in local stores and institutions. Nothing is set in stone yet, but our labels and our “seal of assurance” is submitted to the USDA and FDA for approval and we have producers anxious to use them….…


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You Are Making It Happen!

As I write I’m getting ready to go to Branson to play with the Daredevils. I know I’ll see some of you there and I look forward to a great day! Now, yesterday, Joe Maxwell, Galen, Donna, and I met with the Springfield Public School System, two locally owned Wholesalers ( Packers Distributing and Springfield Grocers) and more producers. Everyone sees the need, is hearing the message and looking…


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Thank you Sandy and the News Leader!

A big thank you to Sandy Clark for telling it like it is in the Springfield News Leader today! The Well-Fed Neighbor Alliance is extremely proud of its appeal to all. It’s easy when you realize that government has nothing for us. Politics is nothing but distraction. So, instead of arguing back and forth, left vs. right, liberal vs. conservative, let’s talk about something real!…


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We Are Almost 700 Strong!

I didn’t blog today because I’ve got a lot of docs to get done by Thursday for the WFNA, LTD 501c submission. Not fun stuff but , thanks to Connie Chadwick and Joe Maxwell, we are making real, affordable progress. Now, I just want to thank all of you Well-Fed Neighbors! Our goal of taking a social site and turning it inward instead of outward is working and growing in membership at an increasing rate daily. We are 7 members short of 700! I suspect by this time tomorrow…


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I Am So Grateful For....


I wanted to take this opportunity this morning to say THANK YOU and tell you how special each and every one of you are to the WFNA cause. Larry and Jackie Melton at the…


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Walk The Walk!!

If we are to move back to a more sustainable, more locally driven economy and food system it will be because we demanded it. I don’t have long this morning as I’m working on several documents for the 501c and the coop assessment. Ironically, the most powerful thing I can say to you doesn’t take long. Demand is the key. In every business, in every restaurant, in every hospital, in every school, Demand is the key. You must say the words……


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the Ozark Square Farmers' Market kicks off the 21st!


2010 season officially kicks off April 22nd!…


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