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Incredible Garlic!

See photos attached...

Got 14 bulbs.  Planted about 20 in our raised bed square foot garden but the squirrels kept digging them up.  Nice harvest though.  These bulbs and their cloves are huge.

To my great friends, Nancy and Liz, better known as "THE GARLIC GIRLS"

 Thanks so much for your friendship, support, and obviously the Garlic starts you gave me.…


Added by Jim Palmisano on June 14, 2011 at 4:42am — 1 Comment

Some important Chicken dates

The message to follow was sent to me and many others regarding the Question of chickens in the city limits. As you know a lot of Missouri cities have changed ordinances to allow for urban chickens. Springfield… not so much.

We have a lot of people, as…


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Neighbor Implies a Relationship, Not a Geographic Location.

Last night something fairly strange happened. A person very close ( a chicken keeper by the way…. Already compliant with the city’s proposed ordinance change) called me to let me know that they had been talked to pretty harshly by a neighbor……. with regards to the chickens, they assume. They don’t really know as the confrontation consisted of a lot of ranting and name calling and then a stomp…


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This morning's interview and such...


Let me apologize for keying everyone up about the Woodie and Janet interview this morning. It was NOT live. We thought that It was to be, but actually, it will air as a Public Service segment they do. I WILL let you know when it…


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Today, Dairy Farmers in Mnt. Grove!!

When we have the picnic in June, we will explain the business model that , eventually, will make up the Cooperative. It includes value chains (producer to merchant) and PODS…. Small “coop” like entities that specialize in something like milk, beef, pork, or produce. Today, we go to Mountain Grove to meet with a Dairy Pod. One of the dairies included is the Ozark Mountain Creamery. If you haven’t already, their milk is in the Harter House across from Sam’s. They have…


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It's Either OUR Way or the SAME WAY...

Every Sunday I watch the political shows to see if I might glean some inkling that ANYthing is changing. Nope. Under this admin., Democrats accused Republicans of

Blocking good ideas. Republicans did the same of democrats under Bush. Same old arguments, same old finger pointing, same old distraction. Behind the scenes, big oil, big farma, and big pharma still run the show.

Does big oil want us to produce high grade efficient ethanol…


Added by Ruell Chappell on May 16, 2010 at 12:44pm — 4 Comments

Showing Food, Inc results

I hosted a showing of the movie Food, Inc at the local bookstore in Brookfield, MO today. Expecting maybe 2 people to show up, i was astonished when the room burst to the seams with 14 people in attendance! Wow, for north central Missouri, that is an incredible show of interest.

So, i want to encourage everyone to keep getting out the message of clean, local, home-raised, neighbours-helping-neighbours kind of food despite, what seems at times, a wall of apathy amongst…


Added by Tauna M Powell on February 24, 2010 at 8:04pm — 2 Comments

See it.... believe it.... make it happen

See it.... believe it.... make it happen

Watching the Superbowl…


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