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Seed Saving Time: Peppers

Ripe bell peppers. By Jill Henderson – Editor, Show Me Oz

If you started your hot and sweet peppers inside this spring, you are probably beginning to see flowers and young fruit. In our garden, the Cayenne peppers were the first to fruit, exceeding the flowering time of the Ozark Giants,…


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A Successful Community Seed Swap

On March 1st, the community of West Plains, Missouri, held their first-ever community seed swap!  It was a fun and busy day with over 35 people in attendance.  Dubbed the Ozarks Pot Luck & Seed Swap, my dream was to bring together area gardeners to share their knowledge and experience with other gardeners and to promote the…


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Share the Seed: How a Seed Swap Works

By Jill Henderson - Show Me Oz

Swapping seeds is both fun and addictive. I remember the first time I began swapping seeds with other seed-junkies in 1999, using a then obscure method of communication known as the internet. Back then, most of the people I knew did not have or even know what email was. Finding a group of people who loved…


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Seed Saving: Beans & Peas

If you are planning on saving some of your own seeds this coming summer, the very best time to start is before a single seed goes in the ground. In fact, saving seed should begin with that catalog you’ve been perusing all winter. Seed catalogs are often filled…


Added by Jill H on February 9, 2012 at 10:00am — 4 Comments

Seeds of Significance: Sources for the Rare and Unusual

Today is one of those cold blustery winter days that give me a good reason not to go outside.  Instead, I’m cuddled up to the  wood stove  dreaming about gardening.   More specifically, I’m dreaming about seeds – wonderful, open-pollinated seeds devoid of genetic modification and over-hybridization.  My seed dreams consist entirely of varieties that are either…


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Winter Seed Saving: Pumpkins and Squash

By Jill Henderson

With Christmas just around the corner, the last thing people might be thinking of is gardening, but the two go together like pumpkin pie and whipped cream. In fact, if you grew your own pumpkins or squash this year and plan on using the sweet flesh to make delectable holiday treats with, now is the perfect time…


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Seed Saving Time: Tomatoes

By Jill Henderson

If you’re like most people in the Midwest, your garden got a slow start this year. With the colder than usual temperatures and excessive moisture this spring, many gardeners were late in getting their seeds in the ground. If you were among those who didn’t give up entirely this year, you’re probably just getting around to processing the bounty of your labor. And while…


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