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Nip In The Bud

The story of the the Dollarhite family and USDA's tyrannical bunny raid is blatant and financially devastating---it is also a very effective strategy. Washington DC seems to have decided to take somebody on every year or less, and make an "example" so huge that there will be no small farmer or private grower left to be there for us when we search for healthy food---and we will be too fearful to consider growing it for ourselves.  Drew of the raw milk issue, said he was threatened with…


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Non GMO Feed Must Stay In The Picture

I wish we could put some sense into the heads of the law makers who are allowing GMO alfalfa to be planted without any limitations.  Unless organic farmers can somehow protect their fields and provide their livestock with non GMO feed, the incredible way GMOs can spread---the probability that the main feed for dairy and beef cattle, not to mention chickens, and other livestock---will be GMO corn and alfalfa (GMO sugar beets are on their way)---which…


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Opportunities for Creative Sustainability

When I began looking on the Internet to order replacement parts for my old standby Vita-Mix stainless steel model 3600, I had no idea they had stopped making these parts because they'd assured me the appliance would last at least 20 years (it has), and I assumed they would correspondingly keep parts for it on hand.  The Vita-Mix 3600 blending machine is powerful, and it was made to last, but of course, it needs parts from time to time.  

I was preparing to write the company, and…


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Mother Earth News

Organic Seed Companies Respond to Increasing Demand

By Barbara Pleasant

Last fall, we invited about 200 seed companies from across the United States and Canada to share their thoughts and observations on the subject of organic garden seeds. Are more companies selling organic seed? What are some reasons why companies aren’t offering them? How important is organic seed to customers?

From the survey responses, we learned that High Mowing Organic Seeds, Seeds of… Continue

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New Zealand Farmers Boost Missouri Dairy Industry

Published: January 23, 2010

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New Zealand farmers boost Missouri dairy industry




VERNON COUNTY, Mo. -- Kevin van der Poel remembers the skepticism and suspicion when he moved…


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GMO seeds---Strategy of big Ag and Washington

Killing Us Softly, Ever so Softly, Killing Us Softly With . . .  If Food INC.  didn't start you thinking, then F. William Engdahl's book  SEEDS OF DESTRUCTION  will.  Engdahl is a leading analyst of the history and present thrust of what is being proudly described as The New World Order.  His writings have been translated into more than a dozen languages.  His message is urgent.  We must take SERIOUS and savvy action to preserve and protect our seed supply, and it is obvious that it is a…


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Apple Orchard

Have just experienced one of the less-than-600-orchards now left in MO. Mr. Rooster of ROOSTERS on highway 60, allowed us to pick up the fallen apples,and we got several bushels before we ran out of containers. When we went to pay for them, I asked a lot of questions. I also told him he was one of the few last remaining orchards in the state---mentioned the past 60,000 producing orchards---and now the present less-than-600- orchards that are left. Asked him---since it had become a burden to…


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Getting acquainted with a town

First of all,let it be known that I have MUCH to do in regards to getting to know my neighbors, and the citizens of Seymour. But I've been asked so many times what are some things a new comer (or even an old comer) can do, that I thought maybe my trial and error experiences might give some ideas.

2 spaces

1. Visited the Seymour CITY HALL and…


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Preparation is good.

Guys this isn't politics---it's news from Profitville, Zurich, and Gold Town, USA, and it shouts at us to hurry up and get our ducks in a row yesterday. According to the "in" sources for "financial opportunities", they're gleefully poised like vultures over road kill because Swiss banking intelligence in Zurich are confirming that US military is building in the Middle East and "intends" to launch a preemptive strike against Iran's nuclear facilities in the next 60 days. If that pans out, the…


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Farmer's Markets

Hey people!

I keep hearing from lots of people that they don't have any place to do a garden. But you know, if you can't find a place in the house by a window to hang an "upside down" tomato (or pepper plant etc.), or there's no porch to put a pot or two or three on, or the block you're in doesn't have a neighbor with a big yard to share----well this is a great time to…


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