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Every year around this time I get the itch.  You know what I mean the need to get into the soil and plant things that will survive in different degrees of success (less now that drought is ongoing, at least where I live).  Like all tillers of the Earth, we plan.  Here are mine for the year.  I plan to baby the horseradish I planted last year and my sin cut down for me "helping".  I plan to order more chickens and raise at least 10-20 hens for selling eggs. Have you seen egg prices?  I want to begin installation of my aquaponic system.  My spellchecking software does not recognize that word as real...

Aquaponic systems have been a huge interest for me for many years and I have decided to reclaim some of the land I have let get over grown with a aquaponic green house.  My only hesitation is the current drought and heat I enjoy   endure as a central Arkansan.  I did install two raised beds last season with mild success.  The summer drought got nearly all of the strawberry crowns we got from Gurneys for free...

As the sun warms the patch of ground we all call garden, and the smell of dirt lingers, get the implements of self reliance ready for a new season of playing in the dirt.  Some things we never outgrow.  

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Comment by Mr. Aqualung on March 7, 2013 at 9:23pm

I am working on securing some seeds for a gardening project we are starting at school.  Anyone interested in sending me some samples?  I have been working at home also and the garden looks amazing so far.  Lots of nice organic matter in the garden.  I do need to finish before the spring...spring gets me and I have to till.

Comment by Mr. Aqualung on January 5, 2013 at 3:08pm

This weekend is the last "lazy" weekend before school starts back.  My Oldest son and I got out into the 40 degree morning and enjoyed working together in the yard.  Mostly we cleaned up the trees trash from the snow storm.  We did watch a video put on the site about wood chip gardening.  Watch the video it has a wealth of practical information, and you will be jealous of the guy that is the main gardener...

Comment by Bill Buron on January 4, 2013 at 10:48pm

I feel that this year lilke last year therreis a need to get the garden out early.  Our early tomato crop allowed us to get some canned but had about quit by the summer got into full swing. My plan for this year is to get the seeds started early then get the plants out under cover andhope for the best.  If I loose them I will re plant.  Normally I could wait and plants our beans out after the garlic has been harvested.  We tried this last year and didnl't harvest more than a handfull of beans so they will be planted early as well. I am putting in more beds to allow me to get more stuff out sooner so I won't be depending on summer and late summer harvest.  Then we will plant again in the late summer for our fall/winter garden.

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