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Diana Bacon asked me to write out "What You Can Do"

First, i want to thank Diana for watching and helping me hone the message at the perfect time. It is so hard to keep everything in perspective from the big over-view down to planting seeds in my own backyard. Diana reminds me that i am communicating what i see in our future, the WFNA vision and our plan..... but i'm not spending enough time articulating what YOU can do on the ground everyday, times, events, etc.
Ok, here goes.

Diana is in our "most needed" demo. Diana is a FEMALE with knowledge of the woes of our current food system. Being a professional, she knows that the economy is depressed ( she knows that economies are not measured by houses or cars, rather they are "symptoms" of a good economy. Economies should be measured by JOBS and our last three downturns have and will result in Job-negative recoveries) and we need jobs. Finally, Diana is a mother, therefore she has a major interest in the health, welfare. future life and lively-hood of her child.

Diana buys locally grown food at the Farmers' markets, local milk, ....... she understands.

Now, what can YOU do? Hang with me here.....

1. Join the Well-Fed Neighbor Alliance at www.wellfedneighbor.com

( women are needed as they carry our culture, educate our children, and make or influence 95% of all purchase decisions) Men, we need you too..... no offense.... but women will make or break this movement.

2. Find where you belong! Women, become a "Mom for Local Food". Message Angela Jenkins , through the site. ( Diana, i'd LOVE for you to help with this group! You have much to offer !) As i said, women will make or break this movement. Women can put food in our stores, our schools, our hospitals, and our businesses. If women speak with their dollars, the market will react. Additionally, we all come with varying degrees of garden knowledge. Our Master Gardener Shelley Vaugine and Galen Chadwick are available to message.

3. Research and learn that locally grown food is fresher, more nutritious, tastier, healthier, and NOT Genetically Modified. We KNOW what it is, We KNOW where it came from and we KNOW it is helping to sustain a local economy and LOCAL JOBS.

4. Shop with local merchants. What qualifies as local? Does the owner of the store live here? Do they bank here? If yes, we consider them local. They feed our economy unlike other retailers that send money flying out of our city.

5. Request locally grown food/products in your local markets/retailers EVERY TIME YOU GO TO THE STORE! BE SURE YOU ARE SPEAKING TO A MANGER.

6. Request locally grown food/products in your school, in your hospital, at your business.

7. Grow a garden. Do what you can do and that's all. Better to have a successful "square foot" garden than a large unproductive garden. New technology allows you to be very productive in a little space.
Consult Shelley Vaugine, Aubree Taylor, Galen Chadwick, .... all Master Gardeners..... at the WFNA site www.wellfedneighbor.com

8. Educate your children. We have been distanced from our food. Food takes work and time. It is NOT as we percieve it..... just there when we need it. Re-acquaint yourself with gardening ( or learn from scratch ) teach your children that fresh food is basic to life, basic to economy and basic to health.

9. Meet your neighbors. One of the greatest benefits to locally grown food is the chance to meet, share food and information between neighbors. Show your children how it's done. Realize how little you know about those that live around you.

10. Visit the site daily! look at calendar for events, read blogs, read and start forums, ask questions and learn.

Diana, what do you think? Comment, help, join, learn, DO!

This is a labor or love and, at the same time, survival. Locally grown food, locally produced products through locally owned processing and production facilities, going to locally owned retailers means and economy and JOBS!!! Add to that the added benefits of health, wealth, opportunity, security and community and you have the ULTIMATE NO-DOWNSIDE CAUSE! Get involved today!!

The key to remember is there is that there is nothing to be messed up in gardening. The upside to the real time it takes to produce food is the real time to make mistakes, learn and redo. There is time to time to live, there is time to die.... i think that's a song.... ok, See you at wellfedneighbor.com!!!


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Comment by Raised Right Meats on February 8, 2010 at 8:41pm
I don't want to run this in the ground but unfortunatly you are in error when you state, "Local Food is not Genetically Modified" As far as the produce, it probably is not GMO, but when it comes to the chicken you ate at the Gastropub the other night and most other grain fed animals that are locally produced. Most are fed GMO grains.
If you would like to contact me so I don't get on my soap box on this website; feel free to do so and I will educate you as to the problems most local meat producers have with sourcing out NON -GMO grains or feeds.
Comment by Ruell Chappell on February 6, 2010 at 1:48pm
Shoot, pot calling the kettle black man. These web tools your bringing to us ARE our communication.
Comment by ThePopp on February 6, 2010 at 12:54pm
well stated. the much needed 'to-do'list for those interested in helping the cause. thanks ruell for all you do.

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