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What would I do if I had charge of this city? Well you know that, ultimately, I would re-localize our food supply, so that we have adequate food to feed our population, I would create a vibrant, local, sustainable economy , with food as its first pillar, and, I would work to leave our city a more secure, profitable healthy place for our children. That’s what I would do.

I would take a decade, more if necessary, and make the cities mission to support our residents, not our seeming insatiable need to grow. As early as last year our County Commissioners agreed that our plan, moving forward, was to make all of Greene County residential. Why? The only reason would be to build. Is this a plan? No. Our water table is down in excess of 400 feet. Our local food supply is not secure, and yet, we need to build more houses, sink more wells, and diminish the last bastion of free, individually owned farm land that remains surrounding our metro area? A plan? Come on! Yes, let’s build innumerous more houses and sink a well at everyone of them. A plan?

Now, before I get too upset, here’s what I would do.

I would support folks, not growth. I would support their initiatives in urban gardening. To builders, I would say, why don’t we build productive affordable housing on the north and west sides of town. We have a plan to do just that. Interested? We could turn our city into a meca of innovation, good food, creation, local economy, not to mention tourism produced from people coming from all over the nation to see it. America will never be a leader again unless WE THE PEOPLE do it. Politics is a distraction, a show, and creates nothing substantial. However, if we build a sustainable city , with regard to its food and its economy and its health, we will produce the template that can be copied all over this country. We can be stronger again one city, one township, one county at a time.

But, we must choose Folks, over growth. See?

The time for talk is over.

Join! Work! Do!



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Comment by Bill Buron on April 13, 2010 at 1:07pm
When I was a Police Officer here in Springfield, I could never understand why the City Fathers didn't direct the growth of the city they have the POWER. The growth needs to be directed north, and west of the city. Urban north side needs to be reclaimed with the houses that need to be torn down , torn down. Another thing why can't the School board and the City work together, whenever a school is closed another neighborhood begains to fail. Schools bond the communities in which they are located. Cost is only one thing that the School board should look at there are many others. When neighborhood houses are claimed by the city because of disrepair or blight how about a park or a garden in its place. Why wait until entire blocks are blighted befor the city takes these needed steps. Ther are many organizations that would love to help in this endevor. Every neighborhood in the city has good people in it that would love to see a better Neighborhood Springfield.

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