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As a supporter for sustainability and local products what are we doing as a community to distribute locally grown products to those that need them?  I would suggest that our local farmers and artisans are focused on their crops and trade rather than trying to develop a new distribution model, but that is just what Green B.E.A.N. delivery has done in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. Green B.E.A.N Delivery

There is a start up in Springfield willing to give it a shot, but we could all give them a little direction on what the community needs.  For example, scheduling a route to deliver to local consumers or groceries to improve the freshness and quality from the farm.  What about coordinating the local farm to school movement by providing suggested nutritional improvements of local products?

As our focus on sustainability increases I for one will be supporting the development of improving the information and distribution of local products.  Solid Ground Life

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