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Have you held your know-your-neighbor event yet?

This is Kathy from the Lawrence County Gateway Farm, aka Pasture Nectar. One of the foundations of the WFNA plan is to build community. Remember the motto: Your best defense in hard times is a well fed neighbor. So, do you know your neighbors.....well enough to check in on them from time to time? How about knowing them so well that you can spot a vehicle in their drive that doesn't belong there? Do they know and trust you well enough to have you keep an eye on their house while they're on vacation or out of town for the weekend?

No? Well, let's get started!

Here's a challenge....let's see how many can get a neighborhood get-together in by the end of this month. You have to do this whether you're in the city or the country. We are hosting a potluck picnic this Saturday at our house, and we decided to call it the 1st Annual Section 20 Get-To-Know-Your-Neighbor Picnic. You don't have to have a fancy name....since we're in the country, we invited everyone who lives in our section (that's a square mile) plus some others 'attached' to our section.

It could be as easy as just going to the neighbors on either side and across the street, or better yet, how about inviting your whole block to the park if the weather holds, or for an evening or a Saturday afternoon at your house? Do a potluck, or have everyone bring a dessert....it's just for fun and socializing. Let them know that you're concerned about the economy and think it's a good idea to restore some community....let's get back to that front porch friendship our relatives had in their day.

Depending on your group, you might want to have a brief time where you explain what the Well Fed Neighbor Alliance is all about. Some people will be very relieved to hear that there is a solution. The more people get on board with restoring food and jobs, the sooner we get this done!

Once you've organized your neighbors, the idea is that they will organize the neighbors on the other side of them....it just goes out like ripples on a pond. You can have future get-togethers and talk about gardens for next year, and keep everyone abreast on all the latest developments in the Well Fed Neighbor Alliance.

Write in after your event and let us know what you did. We'd love to see pictures. Get creative, and have fun! Remember, your first goal is well-fed neighbors.


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Comment by Galen Chadwick on October 18, 2010 at 10:52am
The pot luck gathering at Pasture Nectars this Saturday
represented another leading moment the rural restoration awakening.
I am inspired by the bold leadership, and participation of, your entire family.
Restoring a regional food supply system means reviving the economic locomotive
of our rural prosperity. Several of your farm neighbors seem interested in learning more about the WFNA, next steps etc. I'd be happy to come out to give a talk on Coop value chain formation,dynamics of a pull-through model, regional economic resilience based upon small farm diversity,the co-op's Producer Operated Distribution System (PODS), etc.
Please send any photos that got taken!
best regards,
Comment by Lacy on October 14, 2010 at 7:21am
Kathy, thank you.... That's a terrific idea!! I love it!

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