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George Deatz sent me your email address to let you know about the dilemma we are having with our community garden at Temple Israel in Rogersville. Since the organizer, Joel Waxman, has moved to Kansas City,
have lost our incentive to grow a garden as we have in the past which we
use to
donate produce to the Ozarks Food Harvest. We also cannot get a commitment
from enough members of the synagogue who are willing to work. Goerge
that you might know of some individuals who would like to help. As of
now, one
member has decided to plant at his home and forgo doing a community
garden all
together. He, as an individual, has over 100 plants and will donate when
it is
time. Might you be able to help us or know of some people who would want
commit themselves to this project? I need to know soon as it is getting
to that time.


Sue Conine

If anyone could help please contact Sue

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Comment by shelley vaugine on March 20, 2010 at 5:38pm
Hi I have very few details please contact Sue directly for info I included her e-mail they are really wanted to contiune the garden but my plate is full I know she would be glad to answer any questions thank you Tommy for responding
Comment by Tommy Weatherly on March 19, 2010 at 7:20pm
Please tell me about the garden. How big is it? Raised bed or ground? What types of things have you grown successfully in the past?

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