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Galen and myself discussing SB510. Forward this to as many people as you can. This bill is BAD!


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Comment by Galen Chadwick on November 19, 2010 at 9:30pm
Missourians cannot independently feed themselves.

For those of keen intellect, nothing more need be said.
SB 510 is one more sign that the tipping point is upon us.
Our food, jobs, and health will return only when we, ourselves, return to the land with an unshakable determination to restore it. In this way we will return prosperity, community, and actual choices about our future.
"Sustainability," however one ultimately defines it, must begin with restoring an independent regional food supply system capable of feeding the million or so souls who live here in the SW Ozarks. Capable of feeding us indefinitely. This is gonna take a whole of reinvention by all of us. The strongarm stupidities of SB 510, and the bought men who strive to criminalize family farm food production- our last commonwealth freedom- should be ample evidence we have no other choice left.
The hour is late. We can't feed ourselves; don't even know how.
Time to get real about who we've become as a people.

Do you feel lost to nature, to the land, and to your heritage?
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