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What can we do to get better label laws passed? It aggrevates me that the Government says it's ok to genetically modify
the foods that me, my friends and family will buy at the store, but
what REALLY GETS ME is how they say "Yes we are going to genetically
modify your food, and we DON'T EVEN HAVE TO TELL YOU WHICH FOODS!"

I believe that if the meat in the store came from a feed lot then it
should be labeled as such. I believe that if my vanilla extract, maple
syrup, and popcorn are made of or consist of genetically modified corn
then it should say so on the LABEL!

I have never really considered myself to be an "activist" and I never really cared for
politics but really how far are we the American people going to allow
them to go. We have a right to know what is in our food, where it came
from, and how it was processed.

I don't have any solutions but if there are any groups out there that do, I would love to get involved.

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Comment by Joseph White Bear on March 29, 2010 at 12:26pm
I agree that all modified foods must be labeled, but the truth is that modified foods have been on the shelf for more than 20 years and that we, those eating these genetically modified foods have been genetically modified ourselves, there are articles from scientist and layman alike providing information about the consequences.

But all we really have to do is look at our neighbors who are obese or have suffered from some unknown or newly discovered disease to see the results.

Of course there are other factors as well affecting our lives.

A. The terrorist attack from the skies referred to as Chemtrails, for over 20 years now, that no one in Homeland Security seems to notice. This comes from the Chemical Companies.

B. Other attacks on our soils and water by Chemical companies, off-springs of the Nazi Chemical Co; I.G. Farben, Now all Chemical Companies have ties to on another.

C. Other attacks by Nazi owned Pharmaceutical companies like Merck and others acquired by Nazi's at the end of WWII work within the medical establishment in a current program of death.
(More people die from Pharmaceutical drugs than by guns in America.)

D. And we must not forget the poisoned food that comes to market after irradiation as ALL Food imported from other countries and from California and South Carolina must be irradiated according to FDA requirements.

D I think there is much more.

Comment by Master Gardeners ofGreene County on March 28, 2010 at 5:27pm
What to do:

As with all such things, tell Congress to Support Labeling and Safety Testing of GE Foods

Don't underestimate the power of voicing yourself. It's when everyone assumes someone else is going to do it that nothing happens.
Comment by Ruell Chappell on March 27, 2010 at 9:57am
Everyone of us should be going to our local grocer and demanding food that we know about. If it doesn't come from our area.... you don't know about it. If all of us , all of our mothers... women in general, will go to the store, to the school, to the hospital, to our businesses, and say they are tired of eating food they know nothing about, things will change. It is the only way. Change demand, supply changes.

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