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Let's All Support the New WFN Booth and Galen Chadwick's Presentations at Natural Healing Arts Fair Events April 9-11

Here's our great opportunity for all of us to come together as members and support this vision with our presence, meet one another, and rally many more in our community to this vision.

See the two NHA FAIR "events" listed on this site for April 9th PM and then April 10th-11th : "Dancing into the Garden of LIfe . . . Celebrating Your Healing Journey". Indicate there that you plan to attend both of these and lets share in this blog how we can make this a great event for each other and support these two presentations for our organization and community! Nearly 50 booths will be on display at this event along with 36 presentation/workshops.

Thanks to Mama Jeans for many great "give aways" and door prizes!

Galen Chadwick, and other leaders, will speak at 11AM and 4PM on Saturday the 10th at this event. Title: "Vision of a sustainable future - Part 1 & 2 "Restoring the Golden Age of Missouri to a prosperous vision of the future. Let's get on with the discussion "What do we really want? What is a sustainable regional supply system?" We must restore control of our food system!

A new booth for the presentation is needing completed. Volunteers are requested to assist Lincoln Justice and others with this task. This will be located in the ball room foyer of the Lamplighter North right in the midst of the huge garden being provided and sponsored by Wickman Gardens. This will be a beautiful display and worthy of much publicity. There is a great visual surprise being planned!

Thanks to Aubree Taylor and others who are representing this and spreading the word on Facebook, Twitter, and other sites to get the word out. Let's all do the same.

For further details on the event: http://www.energy-in-motion.biz and links there to all workshops, presentations, concerts, and booths.

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Comment by Joe Higgins on April 3, 2010 at 2:01pm
It was really fun giving out flyers with you, Emmale, and all our friends at 1st Friday Art Walk. The reception was so great and so many were excited to know about the event. New Vendors showed up as well!
Comment by cookie on April 2, 2010 at 4:05pm
I'll be there for sure!! I can hardly wait!!!

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