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Locally Grown Food and Cancer Prevention

Moms For Local Food ( Kayla G. and I) spent much of this morning at an American Cancer Society(ACS) fundraising ride this morning. I was hot but our time was well spent. We put together a nice handout on locally grown food and cancer prevention and even handed out a few. Kayla and I got a chance to catch up on a more personal level as well. I also had the opportunity to reflect on the depth of the problem we face with our goal to re-localize our food supply. Do people really make the connection between our food choices and cancer and/or our health and the economy? Do they even care?

As they called out the names of survivors, I couldn't help but ask myself how much of this could have been prevented. Generally speaking, I don't subscribe to the if I only knew now what I didn't know then mentality, but quiet reflection doesn't hurt anyone. How do we get through to people?

It occurred to me that we have to make it personal. Perhaps providing the example that this is an unfortunate circumstance but here is what may help in the future or perhaps prevent your children from having to contend with the same unfortunate circumstance. Reality however, is that no one can say any health condition could be prevented 100% of the time. Sometimes these things DO just happen. What we can say is.... that they are less likely to happen if we eat better and more specifically locally grown food with good, sound agricultural practices. Less pesticides and more nutritional value in whole foods IS a good thing.

But regardless of how personal we make it, we still have behavior change to contend with. How do we get people to pay an extra 50 cents for something that is locally grown? Pay now or pay later with your failing health? Scare tactics don't work either but eventually I have to believe that if we stay true to our message that we will effect change in a way that people may or may not be aware. We will all be healthier for it and help to maintain our economy as well.

I want to thank Allison Kraft for the opportunity to spread some additional information about WFNA and M4LF at the ACS event. It takes one person at a time to facilitate change.

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Comment by Angela Jenkins on July 31, 2010 at 9:51pm
I know. I don't blog as often as I should either. The profound nature of the experience today kept me motivated. Thank you for sharing. Can't wait to see what you have on the subject as well.

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