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Local Food. Local Jobs.

Think about that statement. This is what my brothers from the Right say. Well, I'm ready when the time comes. I've got guns. I’ve got ammo. I’ve got food for 3 months. What then?

My tree hugging brothers and sisters are the same (you notice I’m leaving no one out. I'm somewhere in the middle like most but, all are welcome.) Our environmental extremists are SO pure that they scoff at backing away from a GMO, Big Farma, society. They want it all and they want it now. No GMO food, feed, etc. Well, that would be nice in a fairytale land but the fact is, if we were to just magically make all food containing GMO products and all cows, pigs, etc. , fed GMO grains disappear, we would starve. There would be no food

Now, let’s think logically and strategically and satisfy both extremes and the middle at the same time.

What if we use our heads and put a viable, local food system back on the earth around our city? Then you wouldn't have to kill your neighbor. Right? As the amount of fresh, nutritious, locally grown, non-gmo food grows, we could phase out the GMO products we currently eat. Right?

AND the big benefit to doing it this way? We get to live to see another day. We will make our city food secure. We will create a viable, sustainable local economy. We will enhance the health of our residents and our children ( you want real health modification? Eat good food, work in your garden, exercise!), and we will do it in "three bottom line" fashion" with:

sustainable profits
sustainable community
sustainable environment

Sound good?

All "save money, live better" has gotten us is the appearance of cheap food. It is smoke when you consider what it has done to your economy, what it has done to your food security, what it has done to the health of your children. I mean really! Health costs have never eaten up more of your income! Do you, for one second, believe that your food has NOTHING to do with your health? I know we need to exercise, and we need to realize, once again, that we are not too good to work, but.... food! Since we've been eating this "cheap GMO food", food allergies, autism, diabetes, immune system maladies, and obesity have grown to mind-bending levels.
I say pay a dollar more a pound for a fresh, fully ripened, nutritious tomato and stay healthier!

There is NO DOWNSIDE to locally grown food. Think of it not with passion, but logically.
Locally grown food ( meat, veggies, hopefully soon grains) secures our local food supply.
Locally grown food produces jobs.
Locally grown food creates an economy.... we will need processors, wholesalers, new market models, vendors, transportation, etc. The money stays local!
This locally sustainable economy lends itself to re-investment in local business. The options here are endless but , personally, I’d love to see an urban , electric car manufacturer here making the Springfield Electric Car for sale all over the country.
Mothers? You'd finally KNOW what your children are eating and you would KNOW that is fresh, naturally grown, non-GMO, fully-ripened, economy helping, job building food.

Who loses in the scenario? Only Big Farma, Big Parma, and those that would control your food.

I say we do it. the push back and the negative ads will come. They have powerful lobbies, we have garden implements. I like our odds. Will we be as successful as many would like to see? No. Will change come as quick as most would want? No. Will we ever give up until we have reached sustainability in our local food, economy and health ? No!
We have started and there is no turning back. I am committed. I am all in as are many of you. Together we will change history. I believe what we are doing here will rank with the Civil War in historic significance. We are, for all good reasons, taking local control of food and economy. I thank you for your insight and vision. Most importantly, your children will thank you when you leave them an Ozarks secure in its food, its economy and its health.
Bring your friends. Bring your enemies. they have to eat too.
Women, you are the key! Join! Learn! Do! Join Moms for Local Food now! We need your help in creating the demand in our local markets, schools, hospitals and businesses, for local food. This is how we do it.

PS. I love all my brothers and sisters, right, left, middle, or a an, as of yet, undetermined point in space if 3 deminsional. Let's figure a way that community survives always. There's nothing socialist about it. It's just called taking care of your fellow man.

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Comment by abdo soliman on March 26, 2010 at 10:47pm
rull I am in total agreement with you that local and sustainable is a good common ground to start rebuilding communities, countries and beyond. People how produce some of their own needs and will trade fairly with other like-minded people. people who produce their own consumption are probably aware of the limitation of natural resources and less likely to deplete them. finally, local producer mostly do not want to expand beyond certain boundry which elemenats th
Comment by Angela Jenkins on March 25, 2010 at 6:21pm
Right on Ruell. I think my next blog post will be...We don't even know that we don't know what we are eating....

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