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The warmer gardening season is almost upon us!  The seed catalogs have all arrived and the plan has been established.  I've made every effort to purchase open pollinated varieties so that I can save seeds.  I started saving seeds last year in earnest.  I would someday like to reach a very seft sustaining level of seed production.  The miracles of the seed are many - not only can you eat the fruit that surrounds the seed, but the one tiny seed has multiplied into many, allowing you to eat the fruit for years to come.

My seed bible is 'Seed to Seed' by Suzanne Ashworth.  It has an encyclopedia format, is well indexed, and has given me all of the information that I need to save my own seeds.  Of special interest in this book is the clear labeling of Genus and Species.

We're branching out this year and will be planting some cooking herbs, grape vines, blackberry and raspberry plants, and strawberries.

Spring is not just the renewal of the earth and all things that grow within it, but a renewal of my spirit and motivation.

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Comment by Bill Buron on February 16, 2012 at 5:31pm

Good luck with your garden Carlton.  I hope its everything that you want it to be.


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