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My favorite time of the year is when I see that first vegetable sprout poking its leaves out of the dirt.  Watching the wonder of plant growth has been a favorite activity of mine since childhood.  We come from a long line of gardeners - not because it is such a pleasant thing to do, but because that is just the way we lived.  I might add that we lived very well indeed.

I'm relearning how to garden.  I do a bit better each year, trying new techniques and ideas from neighbors and friends.  I enjoy these visits because it gets my mind to thinking of what I want to do next, what new vegetables to grow next year, and what tasty treats will be available to just pick out of the ground and eat.

We planted our Brassica plants early this year.  It was such a pleasure to see a nice broccoli head growing, with more to come.  Our turnips are going nuts.  They get bigger and better everyday.

It has been a true pleasure to pull a turnip, peel it, wash it out at the hydrant, and eat it right there in the yard.  The taste of a fresh turnip is a delight.

In my delight, I presented a turnip to my wife with the expectation that she also would be delighted.  Her words were, "It tastes like dirt!"  Seeing my face drop in sadness, she added, "But I love the crunch."  Hey, I'll take what I can get!

She is getting the taste for it.  She likes them with vinegar.  I'm going to try them shredded with a bit of cole slaw dressing.  We'll see how well that goes.  Any ideas on how to make a turnip presentable to a finicky turnip eater?

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Comment by Bill Buron on June 7, 2011 at 9:04pm
I like them boiled and cut up in small chunks with butter like boiled potatoes.  My wife likes them fresh and uncooked

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