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When I began looking on the Internet to order replacement parts for my old standby Vita-Mix stainless steel model 3600, I had no idea they had stopped making these parts because they'd assured me the appliance would last at least 20 years (it has), and I assumed they would correspondingly keep parts for it on hand.  The Vita-Mix 3600 blending machine is powerful, and it was made to last, but of course, it needs parts from time to time.  

I was preparing to write the company, and found many blogs already written by very upset customers.  I found one blog interesting in that it is written by a person that has the same mind set as we do---that is, she is encouraging local food and jobs--so I thought I'd include it.


Infinite Possibilities: ENVISION A Vita-Mix WIN/WIN for replacement parts for older Models!

First of all, please understand that I sometimes can/not find the appropriate word/phrase to describe what I am trying to say. With that in mind, read this posting and think of all the INFINITE POSSIBILITIES...
It appears that Vita-mix has, at this point, stopped selling replacement parts for older models of Vita-Mix machines. WELL, WHen life gives us lemons, let's make LEMONADE! LET"S ENVISION SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS(ES) which can faciltate the making and stocking of these parts> AND in the process, grow other businesses and community adventures which nurture and support one another.

The city of Cleveland, Ohio, which is "HOME TO VITA-MIX" would LOVE TO HAVE more Sustainable, Green, Life Affirming businesses. LIKE all cities, Cleveland is looking for ways to grow a new city-living environment. THere is  SOMUCH happening which is growing a new world in many ways. Those of you who purchased older models of Vita-mix in all the years past,  have been supporting the bigger energies of the world to shift so that MORE AND MORE people around the world can now benefit from this technology. SO, let's envision that there already IS a NEW offshoot or separate business which makes all the older model parts for selling to those who still use older Vita-mixes. In our minds and hearts, let's feel HOW GOOD IT FEELS TO HAVE A STEADY SUPPLY OF REPLACEMENT PARTS FOR THE OLDER VITA-MIX MACHINES. BECAUSE in the years to come, there will always be "newer technology" and such, which will bring out even newer models of Vita-mix, and those of us who use the "Now Newer" machines will be needing our "parts for our older models several years from now. THIS IS AN EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY FOR utilizing this VITA-Village to co-create 'economic and community development'. 

Instead of being upset with Vita-Mix, let's see how there are possibilities to create more jobs, and more businesses, to grow around business which creates and sells the parts for older Vita-mix machines...AND YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE IS HAPPENING. CITY GARDENS which grow food for folks living in the city--and CSA's--Community Supported Agriculture. LIKE THE "GROWING POWER" in Chicago and many other urban garden ventures. There can be a bevy of businesses which can be grown to help change the way we eat, and look at life. AND these are just a few ideas. Feel free to Email, call or otherwise contact VITA-MIX to let them know of your desires for these kinds of businesses to grow, which in and of itself is a HUGE PUBLICITY BOON for VIta-Mix. These businesses allow Vita-mix to grow in the field of "RECYCLING AND RE-USING"...

And there are sources for financial and technical assistance which can allow all these wonderful possibilites to their full manifestation.


Blessings to all.


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Comment by Bill Buron on February 2, 2011 at 9:50am
I wish we were able to fix things like we use to fix things. In years past a person could rebuild his car starter, rebuild the door locks to his home repair their TV (or have it repaired) and a host of other things (just about everything was able to be repaired) today we have a throw away society. My neighbor attempted to fix his door lock to his back door. He did it, but only because he is a very resorcfull person and was able to use parts not designed for that particular lock. I have attempted to have a starter repaired in the last few years there is no longer anyone that does this type work in the town, so had to buy a rebuilt one from the parts store. A friend had a flat screen tV that was only a couple of years old found it was cheeper to purchase a new one than have the old one fixed. I met a man once from Poland that had imigrated here.  He was a Machinac and he could not believe all the car parts here in the US that had to be thrown away because they were not designed to be worked on. I guess Vita Mix is the same as the rest of the US made junk! The Good news is that if a gear strips or a belt breaks or a filter needs replacing these type things can usually be found in larger citys if you know where to look and don't need to have the specific part built for the thing you are fixing.  The bad news is YOU WILL PAY FOR IT!

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