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Report on Bunny Rabbit Protest ...Suppport The Dollarhites

Yesterday's Bunny-Rabbit protest in front of Billy Long will be repeated until this is resolved.  Having an opportunity to talk with Mrs. Dollarhite and her mother was very sad.  The threat of a four million dollar fine for raising some bunny rabbits  has affected their health.   The stress of being a target and made an example of (statement from USDA) is something that has not been covered in the news. They are fighting for all of us to have the rights to raise food.

The actions of the USDA are directed against you and me.   The Dollarhites have been used to threaten and control every family and person from raising their own small supplies of meats for self and neighbor.  This is part of the rural control of food supply.  All over the world, hedge funds are buying up farms land and this is directly related to controlling all food supplies.  Some believe that farm lands are being targeted for flooding etc, to hasten this process.

As I have written several years ago in the State and SE Organic Newsletter that I published for a while, Control the food, you don't need armies.

Galen asked me to say a few words and I focused on genetic engineering.   If you shop in a grocery store, you are purchasing genetically engineered food and research proves that GE soy has done everything from causing sterility, death of test animals, and other results such as hamsters growing hair inside their mouth.  The researchers who release the results of their research are harassed, fired, shunned and ridiculed by colleagues and in their research is squelched. 

The grocery-store meats may not have a GE warning, but the engineered meats contain the inserted viruses, DNA pieces, bacteria and other altered GE remnants that then go into your body and become a part of your digestive system, your DNA, etc.  In addition, the poisons,  like glyphosate (Round Up) that is used to grow these are passed along in the food chain.  These poisons have recently been verfied by University of Sherbrooke's Hospital Centre (http://www.panna.org/blog/genetic-trespass-ge-toxin-reaches-umbilic...) and found in 93% of expectant mothers This is directly related to the Dollarhites.  The USDA is nothing but a tool for total control of our food supply and no healthy foods are allowed.  Codex Alimenatarius went into effect May 1, 2011 and is on it's way.. Codex works in tandem with WTO (World Trade Organization) and if Codex rules aren't followed, WTO steps in to punish.  Codex says what seeds you can plant (GE seeds), what plants you can grow, the animals grown are to be fed antibiotics, etc.   So growing your own

GE is designed to affect the consumer.  If it is killing and sterilizing  the research animals, what is it doing to You?

If you are shopping at a grocery store, percentages show that you are eating GE foods.

After trying to determine if foods have been radiated or genetically engineered, and having the employees tell me they had no way of knowing, I stopped shopping at the grocery stores and am off the food grid.  I will be posting how this is possible.  This in not only a matter of having access to foods, it is a life and health saver.  AT 75, I do not use allopathic medicine and treat my own health problems.

The best part of yesterday's rally was meeting some great people.  Joanna Burdorf was one inspiring people.  AT 80, she is working with Sam Garner and they formed We Are Change Branson.   The Dollarhites deserve our support and their resistance protects all of our rights to raise our own healthy foods.  The USDA has told this family that they must promise NOT to raise any more rabbits!   If they can do this to the Dollarhites...they can do it to you and they will be back for your gardens.  That's why they told the Dollarhites they are making an example of them.  They want to frighten us into submitting to eat unhealthy foods.

Johanna is very inspiring.  She cured herself of cancer by eating herbs from her garden....and putting the herbs into  probiotic-filled buttermilk.  How inspiring.  She did not lay down and die.  She did not allow herself to be poisoned and cut on.  She is in the Branson area and is a person to know and learn from.

Gayle Jordan is another fascinating and  wonderful person who survived Kertrina and moved here from New Orleans where she organized and performed weddings, was a housing inspector and is very knowledgeable.  Her suvival is nothing like you read about Kertrina.  She is a very informed person and caring.

Rick Simpson is starting a site called RAWTRUTHS.   He is very informed and the site will be one to follow. 

A young woman who raises her children free of GE foods and chemical contaminations was also inspiring.

This rally was full of knowledgeable and caring people.   Bugalow Bill's site can keep you informed.  There were many more people that I wish I could have met .


Please see sites below


Excellent Off-The-Grid-News radio program featuring Jerry Brunetti on Getting Off the Food Grid...buy local from folks you trust....this is very informative on self-healing etc.   Has a DVD on this that ACRES USA (oldenst and best sustainable org that was organized in MO) produced.  You can order this video at   http://www.acresusa.com/magazines/magazine.htm   click on videos).  Jerry Brunetti cured himself of lymphoma and tells how he did it.   Great info on the above radio interview and on his DVD from ACRES.!


good article on foods and Whole Foods store-protests (supposedly organic market)) and GE foods

For current health news, subscribe to naturalnews.com  and Dr. Joseph Mercolas' newslatter

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Comment by Patricia P. Tursi on June 4, 2011 at 6:52am
I regret I didn't get to talk with you and other people also.  My number is 863-7559.  Interesting re the interviews.  I had communicated with Dr. Pusztai years ago via email.  He and other are such heroes.  The story has been the same for so many others, persecution, harassment, even prosecution.  Currently,  we are  facing  the move by Obama to shut down  information on the internet.  But there were movements before the internet, so that won't stop us.
Comment by Madelynn Frazier on June 3, 2011 at 10:40pm

Thank you for your comments Patricia. I didn't get an opportunity to speak to you at the rally but hope to in the near future if the opportunity allows.

As to the Future of Food. The library has 2 copies, both Debra Koonz Garcia. I've checked out both and so can anyone who has the desire to learn. One is a single disc, the other is 2 discs with extensive interviews with Dr. Michael Hansen and Dr. Arpad Pusztai. The second disc has lots of great info on bringing healthy food into schools, farmers programs, farmers markets, seed saving. Check them out EVERYONE. Be the change you want to see.

As far as educating our representatives. That's a lofty goal but will require larger numbers saying the same thing before the money will peal back from most of their ears so they can hear and learn, I believe.  That's why we can't just attend one rally then go home with a warm fuzzy feeling that we've made a difference and resume life as usual. The only thing that should make anyone feel good about themselves is knowing they can feed themselves and are ready and willing to help others do the same.  We need to be in front of peoples faces in numbers they can't ignore. With a message they can't afford to ignore.

Comment by Patricia P. Tursi on June 3, 2011 at 10:09pm
  • Madelynn, I really liked your mention of The Future of Food. Debra Koonz Garcia, the late Jerry Garcia's, wife's production of The Future of Food was a passionate one.  She spent 3 years in the making .  I purchased it when it first came out and showed it to fairly large crowds of people at the local libraries.  As one person commented, when the people heard the information the air was electric. I guess that's why they are not alarmed and continue to eat it.  The information that Koonz-Garcia presented is still not known by most people .  As for E. Coli, most of us have it in our system and I suspect that it was there prior to GE, but when our immunities are compromised, then it can become a killer because the immunity system can't keep it in check.   The whole allopathic approach is ...there are good guys and bad guys and we have to Kill the bad guys  The so called "bad guys" are responding to a weak immunity system (Bechamp vs Pasteur).  Unfortunately, we have accepted Pasteur's concept that we have to kill bad guys rather than balance the system or become healthy and not worry about the bad guys.  This is why people who are healthy can be exposed to all kinds of illness and not succumb.
  • The viruses and bacteria were used as vectors....agents or carriers of the  substances that they wanted to get into the DNA, but now, if I'm not mistaken,  they use a more efficient method of "shooting" the "contaminant" into the DNA.  You are right that so many people don't know about this horrible, horrible distortion of nature.  As one scientist put it , radiation is only for 10,000...GE is forever.
  • Bechamp knew that a healthy system resists unhealthy life forms and disease....nice way to look at your suggestion that we not attack...maybe we just need to educate our politicians and the people who work for them...if money doesn't speak louder than words. 
  • Scientists who see nature as a system don't see "bad bugs" attacking plants...they see bugs coming onto plants as mother nature's way to eliminate a sick organism due to deficiencies, toxicities, cold, heat,  lack of sunlight...too much sunlight.   We each have our own needs. 
  • Thanks for your comment...maybe it would be good to start showing The Future of Food again...but mine is old and on video and I don't know if the library even accommodates videos anymore. 
  • don't know where these dots came from, but , oh well.
Comment by Madelynn Frazier on June 3, 2011 at 5:22pm

It's also important to know that to change DNA structure, the 2 things used most commonly to restructure DNA are bacteria and viruses. A favored bacteria for these scientists is Ecoli. Could that be a contributing factor in  ecoli showing up in so many foods? I don't have the answer. I do know that when these genes are modified, the modified genes often continue to modify on their own and who knows what problems that can cause us.

Anyone who has NOT watched "The Future of Food" owes it to themselves and their family to DO SO. Until then you have no idea what you're really doing to your body when you consume GE/GMO foods.

The companies doing this KNOW what it does. They're depending on your consenting ignorance to allow them to continue to poison you and your gene pool to whatever degree they see fit.

We did have excellent speakers at this rally and I can only hope that some of what they said found fertile ground in the minds of those that attended.

The IMPORTANT thing to remember in these rallies is that we are NOT there to rant and rave and hurl insults, threats or abuse.  We need to represent ourselves as concerned, determined, dedicated supporters of freedom and sovereignty in all areas of all things. From the individual up to the state

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