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Results of Get-To-Know-Your-Neighbor Picnic at Pasture Nectar Farm

I've posted a couple of photos of our neighborhood picnic held last Saturday at Pasture Nectar Farm (the Lawrence County Gateway farm). What a great day weather-wise! I hear the 1st Annual WFNA 5K Trail Run had an excellent turnout as well.

We pulled our farm wagon into the front yard to put the food on - it was delicious! The turnout was not huge, but the smaller numbers really helped us get to know those neighbors who came better than with a large crowd. The children played, made new friends and the adults had a good time eating, listening to Eric Vought bring us up to speed on the basics of WFNA and emergency preparedness, eating, getting to know one another, eating....oh, and did I mention eating??

WFNA is not just about eating although that element is the foundation of this movement. It's also about job creation, sustainable economies that will weather better the vagaries of market manipulation, natural disasters, etc. It's about neighborhoods, urban or rural....the ties that bind us to the land and to each other.

I hope to hear more from you all about what you're doing in your neighborhoods this fall and winter. Spend some time getting to know your neighbors now, then spend some more time this winter helping them when they need it, checking in on the elderly, and planning some gardens for spring.

Keep your ears to the ground about events going on at the farms and other venues...classes you can take, films to see.....invite your neighbors to go along. Sometimes a movie or a speaker can do a lot more to educate them than you can. Let someone else do the talking for you.

At the root, it's about community and brotherly love, both very necessary to our survival in hard times, and a pleasure to have in the good times.

Kathy for the Vimonts

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Comment by Galen Chadwick on October 24, 2010 at 12:40am
Although we reached Pasture Nectar farms right at the end of the gathering, I still got to meet several wonderful and vibrant families. One farmer said he'd be very interested in forming a producers' operated delivery system as part of the WFNA effort to restore regional food security, bring back jobs, and create a prosperous local economy. This is what we're all working for!

The Vimonts and Voughts are certainly doing us proud by their community-building leadership- I urge everyone to join them next time around and see what they've got cooking in Lawrence County. These seminal events are not only fun and informative, (great for kids as well), but absolutely essential to furthering our cause. Through dedicated efforts like these the restoration of a regional food supply system, by and for the people who live here, will soon become a reality.

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