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Share the Seed: How a Seed Swap Works

By Jill Henderson - Show Me Oz

Swapping seeds is both fun and addictive. I remember the first time I began swapping seeds with other seed-junkies in 1999, using a then obscure method of communication known as the internet. Back then, most of the people I knew did not have or even know what email was. Finding a group of people who loved to trade and talk seed was like finding a long-lost friend. I was instantly hooked, both with seed swapping and the internet!

It didn’t take long before I began hosting large online seed swaps, better known in the seed swap community as a Round Robin.  Some of the online swaps could involve hundreds of participants – all from different corners of the United States.  Seeds were mailed to the host, who then would divide all of the seeds between participants out using what is called a “want” or “wish”  list of items for each participant. It’s a big job and one that takes time and thoughtfulness.

This article answers many of the questions I recieved while organizing a community seed swap.

Read the entire article at Show Me Oz

Jill Henderson is an artist, author and naturalist with a passion for wild edible and medicinal plants, organic gardening, seed saving and sustainable agriculture. She currently authors and edits the blog Show Me Oz: The Very Best of the Ozarks (http://showmeoz.wordpress.com), which focuses on building community around sustainable ideals relevant to the people of the Ozarks region and beyond. She has written three books: The Healing Power of Kitchen Herbs, The Garden Seed Saving Guide and A Journey of Seasons. Available in print and ebook.

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