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Springfield Area Herb Society was featured in Springfield News-Leader Article

The excitement continues with the Springfield Area Herb Society. Our president last year, Gina Marie, said that this year will be a new day for our group and we are finding that it truly is. We continue to grow, we are having terrific speakers each month, and so much more.

Our meeting this month is going to be another great meeting, USING HERBS FOR A PEST-FREE GARDEN, and our Herb Highlight – Scented Geraniums.  Don’t forget, we now start our meetings at 6 p.m. at the Botanical Center, the next meeting is June 21st (new members and guests are welcome).  Hummmm, already wondering what “herbal” snack I may bring and hoping I can get something homemade for this month!

As I said at out meeting last month, there are so many exciting things in the works with our group and I was only able to share 1-2 things. The rest I will hold off until this month.  However, another thing happened several days ago that I simply cannot wait to share with you so I must share with you now!

The News-Leader did a “feature story” on the Springfield Area Herb Society.  It is a terrific and Sandy Clark did a great job.  Below is a link for you to click on so that you can read the story.  Thank you again Sandy, for a great write-up!

Okay, here it is for those of you that did not see it June, 6th.
Herbal knowledge survives in Ozarks
Written by Sandy Clark

To view the contents on News-Leader.com go to:

Rexella Bennett, President
Springfield Area Herb Society (SAHS)
e-mail: SpringfieldAreaHerbSociety@gmail.com

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