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I know that all of us have told many friends and family about choosing healthy food, but rarely do we get validation. I received this e-mail from a friend and neighbor.

I watched Food Inc. on PBS this last week. You have made your point.
I would like to get more involved in the organic movement and I have the ability to
be a center of some influence. I would like more info on the orgs that you belong to of similar nature.
As you know, I am not a fan of some of the liberal mantra, but I think this story needs to be told.
I think what you are doing will make a difference.
I am concerned about our health and want to research and put into practice the principles of
organic farming. Unfortunately, I feel that the voices of the more radical have overpowered the
central message of wholesome food. As docs like this hit the mainstream and the healthcare
debate continues, more light will be shed on the subject and the public will adjudicate the merit
of the message.
Keep up the good work. Please pass along more info when you can.

I will check it out for sure. Amy and I are just appalled as to what we have learned. I checked out Monsanto,
needless to say I will never buy Roundup again. I have always been leery of
chemicals, but it frightens me even more so now. I am shocked to see
that they produce aspartame as well. I have often thought of Wal-Mart being the
evil empire, but now I think Monsanto wins that hands down.

Even though we occasionally differ in viewpoints, I have always appreciated you and admire the way you put it all out there.It is very unfortunate that more people on both sides can't discuss
their ideas in an intelligent and rational method instead of immediately dismissing
or resulting to immature measures. After all, that is how our country has
evolved from aristocratic rule to a constitutional republic.

Thank you so much for your voice. Keep shouting, people will hear.

So everyone keep talking they will listen!!

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Comment by Aubree Taylor on April 29, 2010 at 8:55am
Having spent the last 20 years of my life involved in the Organic Movement I was shocked and appalled when I found out what was happening to our food supply...my wake-up call was "The Future of Food" several years ago. Sometimes it takes being a little radical to get things done. Organic Farming is the only way to heal ourselves, our children, our communities and the earth. Here's my favorite links that promote all things organic, bio-dynamic, permaculture, etc.


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